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Want to know about Sidekick?

Sidekick does not provide the best quality for the cost, it provides the best quality full stop. It is strong enough for any training regime.

“Andrew Tate” 4x world kickboxing champion.

SideKick is fast-becoming a leading UK boxing and MMA fightwear equipment brand established in 2010. We take pride in turning into a trademark, in such a short time span, when it comes to superior quality of our wide range of kickboxing and MMA fightwear products. And these are not self-proclaimed claims. The testimonial of this is the repeated demand of our high-class boxing products by big successful names in the MMA and kickboxing sports.

Meet Our Founder:
The man behind opening SIDEKICK is the company founder Daniel Knight who himself has proved his worth in the sport of Kickboxing since he was 12 years of age and has brought laurels by earning the title of 1st degree black belt Kickboxer.


  • Serving for more than seven years, we have understood the growing needs of boxing market pretty well. And we strive to provide the best deals on all products ranging from head guards to foot guards to essential accessories for boys, girls and kids too.
  • In addition to source our quality boxing products to only boxers, we also aim small and big gyms across the world in providing the excellent quality products.
  • We believe in complete customer satisfaction and take it as our first and foremost priority. Therefore, we provide our prospective and current customer services at affordable prices that are available at nowhere else.

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