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Youtube is one of the biggest social platforms on earth, and people are now becoming content creators on YouTube for another good source of regular income. It’s also a way of gaining exposure, an audience, and telling their unique story. It has even become popular in combat sports; fighters are no longer just fighting as their sole income, as many are now becoming Content Creators on YouTube. 

And even the most prominent stars like UFC’s Sean O’Malley are doing it too. 

Check out the article below for more information about YouTube Content creation and its links to the boxing world.

What is a content creator for YouTube? 

Did you know that YouTube is home to over 51 million content producers? And there are 29,000 YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers as of January 2022.

Being a YouTube content producer is undoubtedly one of the best ways to become a creator, with its enormously successful video-sharing network boasting about 2.6 billion monthly active users.

Once a Youtuber has reached the correct criteria to meet YouTube Adsense, they are officially a content creator. These people, also known as YouTubers or producers, frequently produce videos on well-known social media platforms to share with their followers.

Today, dozens of YouTube content producers produce videos on practically every subject you can imagine, including travel vlogs, makeup tips, healthy recipes, fashion inspiration, game reviews, music, and more.

Like people who have a following on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms, YouTubers with large followings on their YouTube channels are frequently referred to as influencers. However, creators often object to the term “influencer.” They don’t always try to “influence” people or don’t want to appear to be doing so.

What does a YouTube content creator do?

You might assume from the outside that working as a content creator would be enjoyable and thrilling.

However, creating material that appears effortless takes numerous hours of labour and mental strain. Many people work together to make your favourite TV show, including writers, editors, actors, and producers; the list is endless.

However, you are probably operating alone unless you have millions of subscribers.

  • Film excellent material for your audience.
  • Plan social media posts, edit content and submit it. 
  • Research future video content.
  • Creation of infographics and thumbnails
  • Publish articles on several social networking websites.
  • Make intriguing brand deals
  • Network to increase their industry relationships
  • Complete daily channel or page management.

So as you can see, to produce flawless videos for their audience on YouTube, content creators need to take on a tonne of tasks. Additionally, every day requires learning new things and honing existing talents to create even better content that will captivate their audience.

Top Boxing YouTube Channels to Follow

  1. Gorilla Productions

Boxing-focused YouTube channel Gorillaproductions03 is a great channel to follow. The channel offers a range of programs, such as tributes, highlights, and fighter promos. Even though videos are only occasionally uploaded, the wait is worthwhile.

Whether you’re a devoted follower of the sport or just curious to learn more, the channel has something for you. The channel does a fantastic job of displaying the talents of the fighters it features, who are among the best in the organisation. Check out Gorillaproductions03 if you’re interested in boxing or simply looking for top-notch sports content.

Check out their channel here:


The one-stop shop for all your online boxing and mixed martial arts news is Daily content includes interactive features, breaking news, exclusive interviews, and more. Ben Thompson started the channel, which is run on effort and commitment.

With over 15 years in the organisation, Thompson has an excellent opinion on fights. not only gives breaking news and highlights but also offers 

Check out their channel here:


Follow SHOWTIME Sports to experience world-class sporting events and get your heart pounding! When sports fans want to find the most creative, exciting, and action-packed coverage, they turn to the YouTube channel. From Bellator MMA and Championship Boxing to the NFL and Below the Belt, SHOWTIME offers thrilling contests, sharp analysis, and ground-breaking reporting that sets itself apart from the competition.

Your home for the most thrilling live events and original content, SHOWTIME has a lineup that includes some of the biggest names in sports. Therefore, SHOWTIME is excellent for seeing the highlights from last night’s game or getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on.

Check out their channel here:

4. Sidekick Boxing

Sidekick Boxing is a kickboxing and martial arts equipment organisation established in 2010. Since then, we’ve pioneered new developments in high-quality kickboxing equipment, Muay Thai and boxing equipment. We are proud to say some of the best fighters worldwide have endorsed our boxing gloves.

Our YouTube channel covers everything from fight highlights and clips to opinions on controversial figures and sponsors like Andrew Tate. The channel contains boxing equipment reviews, behind-the-scenes training footage, and more!

With half a million views on average per month, Sidekick Boxing is a rising star in the YouTube boxing world!

Check out our channel here:

5. Behind the Gloves

Behind the Gloves was founded by female boxing enthusiast Michelle Joy Phelps in 2013 and has developed into one of the leading brands in the space of Boxing News. Some of the most fascinating and inspirational athletes in the world are boxing champions. They have remarkable stories about overcoming enormous obstacles to become the best in their sport. Behind The Gloves fills that gap.

Boxing champions are interviewed on the Behind The Gloves YouTube channel. The winner discusses their experiences, offers their opinions on the sport, and gives tips to aspiring boxers in each interview. Behind The Gloves is the place to look if you need inspiration.

Watch the recent interview of Michelle interviewing Anthony Joshua below:

Check out their channel here:

6. The Mayweather Channel

An excellent resource for learning about professional boxing from the inside out is The Mayweather Boxing Channel. Jeff Mayweather, who works at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosts the programme. Future boxing match predictions are one of the podcast’s central themes.

Former professional boxer Jeff offers the programme a wealth of experience and wisdom. You’ll be entertained and informed when you listen to the Mayweather Boxing Channel since he is a fantastic storyteller.

Check out their channel here:

Creator Clash- A YouTube Creator Boxing Event

Creator Clash was a charity boxing match on May 14, 2022, in Florida, featuring nine fights involving 18 content directors.

The main event of this gathering featured a battle between the YouTubers Doctor Mike and iDubbbz, as well as other notorious YouTube stars.

Also, JustaMinx vs Yodeling Haley was the first dogfight between content generators at this event. iDubbbz and his wife Anisa worked to plan the event.

Check out the full Creator Clash stream here:

How to Become a YouTube Content Creator

It looks like a fun and satisfying career to be a YouTuber. You produce videos about subjects that intrigue you and profit from them. Still, being a well-known YouTuber is a complex task.

Every YouTuber has a long history of difficulty and labour. Before you press record, there are investments you need to produce and procedures you need to follow. It may be gruelling to keep systematised and your uploads regular when there’s so crucial to becoming a YouTuber; the list below should help.

How to Become a YouTuber Content Creator List

  • Decide on Your Niche
  • figure Your Channel thing
  • Communicate Content Ideas
  • Develop a Content Schedule
  • Assess Your outfit
  • Optimise Your Channel
  • Upload and Learn from Your First video

These are the first things you must do before beginning your YouTube career. It would help if you also increased your social media presence to reach wider followership. 

Becoming a YouTube Content Creator for Sidekick Boxing

We’re hiring! Want to be part of an instigative brand?

We’re hiring Youtube content generators to help grow our popular channel. We’d love for YOU to be part of it- please message us for further information.

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