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  • Graffiti Boxing Gloves Black

    From our humble beginnings in 2010, Sidekick has quickly become the leading UK boxing and MMA fightwear equipment brand. Strong enough to withstand any forceful training regime, our products are built to withstand the test of time, as well as repetitive strain. Sidekick’s products are dependable and we are known for our durable cost-effective and quality equipment. This is because we have always strived for the best and most innovative products as well as designs. Having had the pleasure of working with, and sponsoring, many fighters and brands such as Glory, Bellator, BAMMA and Cage Warriors, we know our stuff. Having cemented our place in the combat industry, our unique brand has become synonymous with the cutting-edge kickboxing community. This means that we are always working hard to make sure our products benefit not only our customers, but are also at the forefront of inventive fightwear. We are fortunate to be part of something unique and special, and, as a result, we needed our logo to be unique and special too. So, even though our old logo served us very well, after such a long time with the same logo, we thought we would change up our image to keep up with our innovative merchandise. Like our products, our new logo is now bright, shiny and new, a bold representation of what our brand and products can inspire. Adopting a graffiti-style text, the striking logo encapsulates our branded name and, like our products, a fearless style. It is striking, forceful and daring, just like how we want our customers to feel wearing our strong and durable products. The logo has a splashes of bright contrasting oranges, reds, purples and blues, which we think epitomises our urban and boldly combative spirits. This new artwork was designed by Dan Walls, the owner and artist of Illumination Wall Art (Facebook- @illumination.wallart, Instagram-@illuminationwallart, Twitter- @IlluminationWal). Based in the North East, Illumination Wall Art is a specialist graffiti mural painting service whose goal is to make art for all. Known for his bold artistic style, Dan Walls stated that the logo design was created with the inspiration of our “fantastic durable fight gear [and as a result needed] the best artwork around!” Converting Dan’s artwork to be compatible digitally, our own graphic designers worked to incorporate our new logo onto our wide variety of social media profiles as well as merchandise. This means that our new logo is featured on not only our website, Instagram page (@sidekick_boxing), Twitter (@Sidekickboxing) and Facebook page (@sidekickboxing), but also on a whole range of our products including our Cobra Series Boxing Gloves, FTR Line Boxing Focus Pads, our Kickboxing Sets and so many more. A vivid contrast to our old logo, the bright colours provide a visual focal point for our merchandise, which unmistakably labels each of our durable and reliable products with our illustrious Sidekick brand. Our new logo ensures that Sidekick continues developing and growing, not only as a brand, but also within the wider combat industry. Sidekick isn’t a brand to be ignored because we don’t blend in, we stand out! Check out our website to see more of our products featuring our new logo.

    Graffiti Boxing Gloves Black

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    Black belt kickboxer Daniel Knight, describes how the company started from nothing and rose to fame. Daniel graded as a black belt in kickboxing in his home town of Brighton and competed on local events. Daniel had no involvement in the pro kickboxing circuit and to be a part of it was his passion. Sidekick was founded and within a year the brand was endorsed by some of the best kickboxers in the UK. The popularity of the brand grew so fast that even though Daniel had never trained in MMA he had a strong link to it. The brand was seen live on terrestrial TV, worn by Alex Reid. Sidekick went on to sponsor MMA promotions like CSMMA, FCC and BCMMA and fighters on Cage warriors, BAMMA, Bellator and the biggest global show for kickboxing Glory.

  • Since 2010, our aim was not only to be a huge part of the Kickboxing circuit but to also help it grow. Over the last 7 years we have sponsored some of the biggest names and promotions in the U.K. As you may of seen, we have sponsored fighters on fight promotions like Glory, Bellator, BAMMA and Cage Warriors and your probably thinking unless your a #1 ranked fighter you will not get a chance for sponsorship, but this is not always the case, as we have massively helped our amateur fighters and local shows as these are the roots to the sport. As you could imagine we receive high levels of applications for fighters sponsorships, so we have come up with a guide to help you know exactly what we are looking for. Before you approach us for a potential sponsorship with a proposal, you must understand what you have to offer and know what you would like from us. In order for the sponsorship to work long term the sponsorship needs to work for both parties and that is why it is a very important factor to build a good solid relationship between the fighter and the brand. It is also highly important for the fighter to believe and love the product, as he/she will naturally promote the brand and it will look more real and authentic. You will need to have a high social media fan base and for them to engage in your posts. To get noticed by us, winning your fights is a start but it definitely isn’t everything. We look to sponsor fighters with the following characteristics:

    1) You should be exciting to watch. Everyone remembers an action-packed fight. With exciting fights comes more exposure.

    2) You should be a good spokesperson to represent our company. As a sponsored fighter, you are also assuming the role of a brand ambassador. Prove that you can positively promote a brand by promoting yourself and building a solid following.

    3) Be a role model inside and outside of the ring. It’s easy to get behind someone that others look up to. It’s also easy to work with someone who is respectful and humble.


  • Jamie Bates World Champion 2011
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    In November 2011, Sidekick sponsored a world championship bout between the 13x professional world kickboxing champion Marlon “The Game” Hunt vs Jamie Bates from County Durham. The Sidekick family travelled from Brighton to Newcastle to watch this historic moment in kickboxing ringside and watched Bates become victorious and become the new world full contact kickboxing champion. As Sidekick were in search for our first athlete to represent the brand, Bates ticked all the boxes and in 2012, Bates was our signed fighter. He held the brand extremely high, demonstrating his skills on an international level, travelling to various countries. With such a fantastic year working together, things were sadly about to come to an end. Bates was to undergo surgery to his shoulder, preventing him to fight the upcoming year leaving Daniel Knight (Sidekick Director) in a difficult decision to decide the future between Sidekick and Bates. We have always to this day followed Bates and when we heard the fantastic news of him being signed by Glory after his impressive win at Road to Glory UK, Daniel Knight felt the need to contact him to congratulate him on his success. On March 11 2017 Bates featured in the main event of Road to Glory UK, an event hosted by Dean Sudgen, the father of former welterweight Chad Sugden. Fellow welterweight Bates (24-6) defeated Kev Ward by unanimous decision to earn a two-fight contract with the Glory promotion. After a conversation we were both delighted to sign a new deal and it was the return of Jamie Bates. Glory is most definitely the biggest promotion for kickboxing in the world and Bates explained how this was a life dream to achieve and Sidekick want to be a part of that. Glory 40 is set on Saturday 29th April in Copenhagen live on UFC fight pass against the American Richard Abraham.
    Do not miss it!!

  • The Cobra Series
    The Cobra Series
    Want to add an extra edge at training? Want to look stylish and intimidating as you perfect your technique?
    Well as always we have all of your needs covered at SideKick HQ as we unleash the new Cobra series of Muay Thai style boxing gloves and shin insteps.
    Gloves come in the sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16oz, they are velcro fastening, made from genuine leather and are available in black, white, blue, red and pink.
    The shin insteps are also made of genuine leather, they have 2 fastening velcro straps including underfoot support, and also come available in the colours of black, white, blue, red and pink.
    Strike safely, strike like a Cobra, we are always in your corner.

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