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Kick-Ass Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a special day for romance. All you couples out there might be thinking about what this romantic occasion has to do with kickboxing? Well, perhaps spending Valentine’s day with your other half doing something unique, healthy and fun might be the way to go!

Whether one of you already kickboxes or both of you, Valentine’s day can be a great occasion to spend time together doing something you love.

Kickboxing Partner Workouts

As mentioned above, couples workouts can bring you both together as well as keep you both motivated too!

BodyRock.TV suggests that:

‘Studies have found that after participating together in challenging physical activity, couples report feeling happier and more connected in their relationship. Furthermore, you’re more likely to reach your goals if your partner in life is on board with you.’

This is because habits are contagious and your partner really can help keep you on track with your workouts!

EasyGym also has some good ideas about working out together as a couple. They suggest making it a competition by trying to ‘beat your partner’s number of reps or go head-to-head and see who can keep going the longest!’

Matching Kickboxing Equipment

Perhaps buying your partner a special- and practical- gift this Valentine’s day is right up your street. His and Hers (or His and His/ Hers and Hers) matching kickboxing equipment can work as a thoughtful gift for your partner as well as a brilliant way to spend time together.

Check out these matching boxing gloves below for great matching gifts this Valentine’s day:

The Carbon Fuchsia Pink Women’s Boxing Gloves have an elegant look, featuring a striking unique bright pink and black design with a special carbon material outside and foam padding.

To match, the Carbon Ultraviolet Boxing Gloves match perfectly with the Carbon Fuchsia Pink Women’s Boxing Gloves. Each glove is finished off with an embroidered logo for a sophisticated look.

Kickboxing Equipment for Two

Spending time with your significant other this Valentine’s day is a great way to show your partner you care. It’s also great to do something fun and healthy too.

In order to create this special time together, having equipment which can be used by both of you is a great idea.

Our Club Edition Curved Boxing Focus Pads feature a hand mould at the rear and velcro securing strap for comfort and support.

Allowing you and your partner to train together, focus pads are a good way to work out together. Not only is this a healthy way to spend time together, focusing on something which you both can develop together can bring you closer as a couple too.

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