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Boxing Gloves

  • Cobra Series Boxing Gloves


    Want to add an extra edge at training? Want to look stylish and intimidating as you perfect your technique? Well as always we have all of your needs covered at Sidekick HQ as we unleash the new Cobra series of Muay Thai style boxing gloves. These superior boxing gloves are velcro fastening and made from the highest grade of genuine leather. Boxing gloves come in the sizes 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. Strike safely, strike like a Cobra, we are always in your corner.

  • The Knight 10oz Professional Lace Up Boxing Gloves


    The Knight, one of the most endorsed fighters glove within the UK, not just in kickboxing but boxing and Muay Thai too. Designed for the top level of fighter. The Knight is a professional lace up fight glove which offers luxurious comfort, and exceptional style. Not simply because of the superior leather materials used to make this exceptional glove, but also the pricise craftsmanship and attention to detail in each and every stitch.
    Available in traditional red and blue colours.

  • Ultimate 3.0 Boxing Gloves


    The Ultimate 3.0 boxing gloves are the pinnacle in boxing glove technology. These are our third and newest Ultimate model, proven to be even better than before! These boxing gloves are in a sleek, modern, dynamic design that contours the hands perfectly and will help improve hand speed and combinations. Made from a super durable cowhide leather in a real eye catching white, gold and black colour combination and detailed stitched to ensure they will last for years. These boxing gloves are also filled with a high shock reducing padding to absorb the most grueling of punishment.
    Available in both 14oz and 16oz designs making them the perfect sparring glove.
    Ultimate performance, Ultimate protection. THE ULTIMATE!

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