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Sidekick – The Mixed Martial Arts Equipment Company

When Daniel Knight, a blackbelt in kickboxing with a wealth of experience decided to start his own kickboxing equipment company “Sidekick” in 2010, he only intended for it to be kickboxing training equipment and attire.

As the years passed, MMA became more and more popular and with Daniel’s passion for martial arts, he ventured into new products to cater to MMA and other martial arts.

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The company went from being an online kickboxing equipment retailer selling boxing gloves, shin guards, and kickboxing clothing to expanding the company and becoming a full online martial arts store providing lots of equipment for many disciplines.

About Us

As detailed above, Sidekick Boxing is an online martial arts store based in Brighton and was launched back in 2010. Sidekick has strived to earn its title as The Fight Brand of Britain! Utilising the expertise and precision of a team of manufacturing experts of over 20 years, Sidekick’s equipment is always tailored to suit the sport.

With only the best-quality fighting equipment earning the badge of Sidekick, the stylish look of the boxing gloves, apparel, and other equipment is the cherry on top of the cake.

Although Sidekick Boxing began as a primary kickboxing equipment retailer, the products have expanded to other forms of martial arts, including, but certainly not limited to, MMA and other martial arts.

For more information about the origins of Sidekick boxing, please check out our blog post here.

What is a martial arts store?

A martial arts store is a retailer of equipment either online or a shop for multiple martial arts disciplines.
This can include:


Sidekick growing into new martial arts was a risk as it was uncharted waters for Daniel, but a risk that would see his company expand massively and opened up new opportunities as a business, and added many more quality products to the companies name.

Sponsoring well-known fighters and faces from all different sports, they are recognized as not only kickboxing merchandisers but also MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai manufacturers.

Why Choose Sidekick Boxing?

Daniel’s dedication and perseverance throughout the years to build the company has paid off and continues to expand and capitalize on opportunities.

Coming from a martial arts background himself, Daniel strives to improve products and gives, fighters, coaches, and martial arts practitioners the quality they deserve at reasonable prices.

With only the best and most high-quality equipment bearing the Sidekick name, you know that every piece is suitable for your sport and at a reasonable price too!

Sidekick boxing offers a 15-day limited return policy on all of our kickboxing equipment. If you are not completely satisfied with the kickboxing equipment you have purchased, you can return it without any hesitation.

Our 10-day money-back guarantee gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If you need to return your kickboxing equipment for any reason, we will happily provide you a full refund of the money.

For more information, or to shop our goods, please take a look at our homepage below!

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