When Daniel Knight, a blackbelt in kickboxing with a wealth of experience decided to start his own fightwear company “Sidekick” in 2010, he only intended for it to be kickboxing attire. As the years passed and MMA became more and more popular Daniel ventured into new products. He went from selling just gloves, shinguards and kickboxing clothing to expanding the business and made his own GI’s, MMA gloves and shorts. It was a risk as it was uncharted waters for him, but a risk that would see his company expand massively and opened up new opportunities as a business, and added many more quality products to the companies name. Sponsoring well known fighters and faces from all different sports, they are recognised as not only kickboxing merchandisers but also MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and kickboxing manufacturers. Daniels dedication and perseverance throughout the years to build the company has paid off and continues to expand and capitalize on opportunities. Coming from a martial arts background himself, Daniel strives to improve products and gives, fighters, coaches and martial arts practitioners the quality they deserve at reasonable prices.

That’s what SideKick is all about!