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Team Mum: Kickboxing Gear For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a time to say thank you to Mums for everything they do for us year and year out. Although sparring with your Mum may not seem like the greatest thank you, having a bonding experience is one of the greatest gifts you can share with your loved one.

Training together as a family unit not only gives you the skills to protect yourself but starting an exercise activity is also a great way to keep active and grow together as a family too.

So, if you are struggling for gift ideas and your mum is a kickboxing enthusiast, why not treat her to some new fancy women’s kickboxing equipment this mother’s day.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

Below are our Top 6 reasons why kickboxing should be your Mother’s Day gift this year:

Bonding with Your Mum

With work, cooking dinners, paying bills, and everything else life throws at you to juggle, sometimes we can neglect those quality times with our family members.

However, starting up a hobby with your Mum can be a great gift to give. Not only will you have a regular time scheduled to hang out with your Mum, but it’s a great bonding opportunity too. Establishing time to form that deeper connection is essential to building a great relationship with your Mum, and kickboxing might just be the answer!

Family Exercise Time

Up until now, maybe the only bonding time you have had with your Mum is watching telly at night. However, bonding whilst becoming a stronger, fitter and better version of yourself is not only great for the mind but also the body too. As a result of the endorphins that get released by your brains as you work out together, your moods will be boosted too.

Strengthening Mother-Child Relationships

As touched on above, starting any hobby with your parent is a great way to bond! Not only are you there for each other, but you are able to celebrate achievements together and push each other too.

After all, a family that trains together, stays together!

Working Towards Goals as a Family

Moving towards your kickboxing goals as a family unit can strengthen bonds as well as help you push each other too. Having that quality time to spend with each other, helping give each other motivation really works not only to keep you going but also to see how supportive your parent can be.

Healthy Parental Competition

As we grow older, we know that there can be an element of healthy parental competition in the child-parent relationship. This is completely natural and can actually be a good thing too! Not only can health competition keep you all motivated, as mentioned above, but it can also create a fun environment too.

It’s Fun!

The final point is the most important. Having fun together as a mother-child unit is a goal of starting kickboxing together. Not only will you both have a shared hobby, but you will have quality time and fun together too!
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Mother’s Day : Sunday 14th March 2021

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