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What Are The Best Gloves For Cardio Kickboxing?

Many people, both men and women like the idea of starting a combat sport like kickboxing but don’t like the thought of getting hit. This is why Cardio kickboxing is a brilliant choice of class, as not only you will learn all the skills of a kickboxer, yet there is no physical contact.

If you have already joined a cardio kickboxing club you will have realised how tough it is. Cardio kickboxing is one of the best workouts you can do. Not only will it get you in great shape by a full body workout, but it also teaches you great kickboxing techniques that you can use in the real world as self defence!

So, if you’re looking for a new pair of boxing gloves for non-contact cardio kickboxing class, you’ve come to the right place, SIDEKICK!

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What is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio kickboxing classes have all the techniques you would expect from a kickboxing club but without the physical contact or sparring.

An experienced kickboxing instructor normally teaches cardio kickboxing class by demonstrating kickboxing and boxing techniques of punches, kicks, and knee strikes. These are all great moves because they work nearly every muscle of your body, plus with the mix of combinations it won’t get boring like a typical gym workout. The best part about cardio kickboxing is that it involves all the aspects of kickboxing but without getting hit!

The best thing about a cardio kickboxing class is that you’re learning a combat sport strikes while losing weight and feeling great. The class may play music during a kickboxing cardio class that will also put you in the mood to punch and kick. Cardio kickboxing has the ability to transform your body and make you feel more positive with day to day life.

What to Expect from a Cardio Kickboxing Class

A kickboxing cardio class can be in a mixed sex or a women only class depending on what you would prefer. At the beginning of class you’ll do a warm up, this will involve light jogging, jumping jacks or skipping rope. Normally a kickboxing instructor will also incorporate core exercises such as crunches and planking. Don’t be surprised if you stop punching the bag and go right into jumping squats or push-ups. Typically cardio kickboxing classes are 30 minutes to an hour long depending on the class and the gym.

Cardio kickboxing combinations are a mix of punches like:
  • Jabs
  • Crosses
  • Hooks
  • Uppercuts

These are great punching techniques that take many years to perfect. Your cardio kickboxing instructor will be experience in all forms of kickboxing techniques.

Cardio kickboxing lower body movements include:
  • Knee strikes
  • Front kicks
  • Round kicks
  • Low kicks
  • Sidekicks

What boxing gloves do i need?

You will need a traditional style of boxing gloves that work well for both boxing and kickboxing. A 10oz or 12oz weight design is an ideal weight as you can work your hands faster as heavier gloves can become to feel heavy and are more suitable for sparring. A vecro wrist support is recommended as this style will make them easy to get on and off between rounds and to get a drink of water.

We always have stocked a wide range of female boxing gloves, so if you would like to know more about women’s kickboxing, please read our article here.

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