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The Top Ten Boxing Gloves in 2021.

As we come in to a new decade we thought it is only right to bring out some exciting new releases of kickboxing gloves. Over the last 10 years we have produced a wide variety of kickboxing gloves to suit all styles of kickboxing and training.

See below to read our top ten kickboxing gloves list for 2021.

Ultimate X Boxing Gloves

The Ultimate X boxing gloves are a design to celebrate our 10 years anniversary. Originally the Ultimate X boxing gloves were only available in a blue and gold colour combination but now they are also available in black and gold, red and gold and pink and gold. At just £49.99 these are an affordable glove that offers fantastic quality to suit everyone.

Ultimate 4.0 Boxing Gloves

The Ultimate are our premium line of boxing gloves using the highest quality of luxury leather. The Ultimate 4.0 are the latest in line of the Ultimate boxing gloves and they excel any expectations. The trade mark double wrist strap is back to give that incredible wrist protection and finished in some superb detailing, these really are the gloves to have.

Ultimate performance, Ultimate protection, The Ultimate!

The Emblem Boxing Gloves

These kids boxing gloves are going to be on every little ones wishlist with its chain and emblem design. Take the bling in the gym with you with the Emblem boxing gloves. The 6oz weighted design makes these perfect for ages 5-11 years.

The Knight Lace Up Boxing Gloves

The Knight lace up boxing gloves are a competition glove which is the same model that has been used across many professional promotions and bouts in the U.K. Made from a very high quality of leather material and as soon as you start laceing you can appreciate the quality. These gloves are available in traditional red and blue fighting colours with gold detailing.

The Carbon Boxing Gloves

The Carbon boxing gloves are made from very vibrant pink or purple colours. These gloves are made in a slimline design to fit female or smaller hands perfectly.

Cobra Series Boxing Gloves

With its venomous Cobra snake design, the Cobra series boxing gloves have been one of our best selling gloves and it only made sense to have in our top ten list. Made from a traditional style of boxing gloves to be a great all round training glove and features a velcro wrist strap for easy use.

The Nemesis 6oz Boxing Gloves

These 6oz boxing gloves will really give your child that Superhero look. With their blue, red and yellow colour combination, these boxing gloves will not be unseen. Ideal for ages 5-11 years.

Warrior Collection Boxing Gloves

The Warrior collection boxing gloves come in 3 different carbon colours to match your inner warrior. Silver (Titan), Blue (Spartan) and Red (Gladiator).

Striker Boxing Gloves

The Striker boxing gloves come in either black or white colours. Made from a high grade of synthetic leather makes these fantastic looking gloves very affordable.

Old Skool Boxing Gloves

Last but certainly not least in our top ten boxing gloves list. These boxing gloves are a new design bringing our original red and white grafitti logo back to life. If you like your boxing gloves looking a bit funky or you want another pair in our original design then these are the gloves for you. Made from a quality grade of synthetic leather and available in either 10oz and 12oz sizes.

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