From our humble beginnings in 2010, Sidekick has quickly become the leading UK boxing and kickboxing equipment brand. Strong enough to withstand any forceful training regime, our products are built to withstand the test of time, as well as repetitive strain.

Sidekick’s products are dependable and we are known for our durable cost-effective and quality equipment. This is because we have always strived for the best and most innovative products as well as designs.

Having had the pleasure of working with, and sponsoring, many fighters and brands such as Glory, Bellator, BAMMA and Cage Warriors, we know our stuff. Having cemented our place in the combat industry, our unique brand has become synonymous with the cutting-edge kickboxing community.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

This means that we are always working hard to make sure our products benefit not only our customers, but are also at the forefront of inventive fightwear. We are fortunate to be part of something unique and special, and, as a result, we needed our logo to be unique and special too. So, even though our old logo served us very well, after such a long time with the same logo, we thought we would change up our image to keep up with our innovative merchandise. Like our products, our new logo is now a symbolic S and still in a graffiti style surrounded by an octagon, gold and shiny , a bold representation of what our brand and products can inspire.

This means that our new logo is featured on not only our website, Instagram page (@sidekick_boxing), Twitter (@Sidekickboxing) and Facebook page (@sidekickboxing), but also on a whole range of our products including our Ultimate lines of boxing gloves and our kickboxing Sets and so many more.

A vivid contrast to our old logo, the bright gold colour provide a visual focal point for our merchandise, which unmistakably labels each of our durable and reliable products with our illustrious Sidekick brand. Our new logo ensures that Sidekick continues developing and growing, not only as a brand, but also within the wider combat industry. Sidekick isn’t a brand to be ignored because we don’t blend in, we stand out! Check out our website to see more of our products featuring our new logo.