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kids muay thai set

  • Kids Cobra Series Muay Thai Set


    The kids Cobra series kickboxing set offers the ultimate style and full protection for Muay Thai and kickboxing. This set comes complete with the Cobra series 6oz boxing gloves and shin instep pads in a traditional Muay Thai style. The shin instep pads give full protection with comfort and support for maximum flexibility and mobility for those powerful kicks. The 6oz boxing gloves feature a velcro wrist closure for protection, comfort and an easy on/off design. By purchasing this set not only is your child training safe but also saves money too! Shin part measures 33cm. This set is perfect for children aged 7-12 years. Strike safely, strike like a Cobra, we are always in your corner!

  • Spartan Kids Kickboxing Set


    The Spartan kids kickboxing set is for the real enthusiasts of the sport who want to look like real little warriors.
    The set includes matching electric blue carbon 6oz boxing gloves and shin instep guards. Both products are secured by a hook and loop system and made with high quality padding to maximize protection. The shin guards feature 2 rear straps and an under foot support to prevent slipping.
    Suitable for both kickboxing and Muay Thai and ages 6-12 years.
    Become a little warrior with the Spartan kids kickboxing set.

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