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Sean Strickland: The Outspoken MMA Fighter

Sean Strickland MMA

The cage has given us many phenomenal fighters, as well as some of the biggest characters the world loves, hates and even loves to hate.

Each Aspect of these exceptional people has added the necessary ingredients to give fights, promos and press conferences a work of art to captivate millions and millions of fans worldwide.

Lately, one name in particular has had the spotlight regarding all of the above, Sean Strickland.


Who is Sean Strickland?

Nickname: Tarzan

MMA record: 34 fights – 28 wins

Weight: 84kg

Sean Strickland is a prominent figure in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), known for his prowess inside the octagon and his unfiltered personality outside of it. Born on February 27, 1991, in Anaheim, California, Strickland has carved a niche for himself in the competitive landscape of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

An octonary of hard work brought Strickland to the UFC

Strickland began his professional MMA career in 2008, showcasing his skills in various regional promotions before catching the attention of the UFC. He made his UFC debut in 2014, quickly earning a reputation as a well-rounded fighter with a penchant for finishing fights. Strickland’s striking ability and grappling proficiency make him a formidable opponent in any matchup.

Strickland, like many others, brings a very unique character as well ask skillset to the table.

One of the defining characteristics of Sean Strickland is his candid and straightforward approach to interviews and social media. Known for his no-nonsense attitude, Strickland doesn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts, which has endeared him to some fans while possibly ruffling feathers in others. His authenticity and refusal to conform to the traditional PR-driven image of fighters have made him a unique and polarizing figure in the MMA community.

In terms of fighting style, Strickland is recognized for his crisp striking, utilizing a diverse range of techniques to keep his opponents guessing. His boxing fundamentals, coupled with effective kicks, make him a dynamic stand-up fighter. Additionally, Strickland’s ground game is commendable, with solid takedown defense and grappling skills that have earned him victories by submission.

Over the years, Strickland has faced a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars in the UFC’s middleweight and welterweight divisions. Notable wins against opponents like Tom Breese and Court McGee have showcased his abilities and reinforced his status as a legitimate contender.

Trials and tribulations did not keep him from his goals.

However, Strickland’s journey has not been without challenges. A motorcycle accident in 2018 temporarily sidelined his career, but he made a successful return in 2020, demonstrating resilience and determination.

The setback seemed only to fuel Strickland’s hunger for success, as he went on to secure impressive victories in subsequent bouts.

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Love him or hate him, you’ll always remember him.

Beyond his fighting career, Strickland’s offbeat personality and unfiltered honesty have garnered him a dedicated fan base. While some may find his approach unconventional, others appreciate the authenticity he brings to the sport. Strickland’s willingness to be himself, regardless of public perception, adds an intriguing layer to his persona.

Strickland vs Sneako

Sean Strickland gave YouTuber Sneako a beating in a heavy sparring session after Sneako invited him to the challenge. Strickland was trying his best to knock him out, ignoring the towels being thrown in to the cage.

However, even though Sneako came out with a bloody nose, he did manage to keep on his feet after it got broken up by one of the coaches.

Do you think the UFC star went over the top? Watch the video below:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sean Strickland is a captivating figure in the MMA world, both for his skills inside the cage and his unapologetic attitude outside of it. Whether you love him or find him controversial, there’s no denying that Strickland’s impact on the sport extends beyond his victories, making him a unique and memorable presence in the UFC.

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