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The complete guide to Muay Thai kick pads

What are Muay Thai Kick Pads?

Muay Thai kick pads are larger-sized rectangular pads that are fixed to the arm to be able to withstand kicks, knees, elbows and punches.

Why are Muay Thai kick pads useful?

The rectangular design makes them that bit bigger to boxing focus pads so they’re big enough for kicks and reduce risk of kicking the pad holder.

What styles of Muay Thai kick pads are there?

There are many styles of kick pads as there are many styles of Muay Thai and kickboxing so different pads suit different styles. Muay Thai kick pads can also be used in kickboxing too which may be preferable to have in a lighter weight design. In full contact kickboxing knees and elbows are not allowed so they won’t get as much punishment as in a Thai boxing class. You can choose from a curved style or a flat pad.

Are Muay Thai kick pads durable?

As these pads are prone to lots of punishment, they are extremely durable and made from a tough grade of cowhide leather. It is essential to get yourself a high quality pair of kick pads as with many drills and combinations to master, the pads will be going through their paces.

What do Muay Thai kick pads look like?

These pads are available with either a buckle design or velcro closure. The velcro closure is a more conventional design if they are being swapped over between rounds but the buckle is much more durable but you may need help fastening.


It takes two to have a rigorous pad workout so it’s very important you are learning from an experienced Muay Thai coach who can teach the movements in a real Muay Thai fight.

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