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The Shocking Rise Of No-Rules Underground Fighting

Over the decades, both combat sports promoters and fighters have had to up their game to forever be more exciting.

In the 90’s with the Kickboxer movie, everyone wanted to be a kickboxer. In the naughties, with the intimidating cage in MMA, everyone chose to be a cage fighter as it came across more barbaric.

Now, to top everything, no-rules fighting has become very popular around Europe, especially now in the U.K.

People are signing up to meet at secret locations to fight in an anything goes style of fight. Fighters are literally biting each others ears off and trying to pull their eye-balls out.


What is No-Rules Underground Fighting? 

No rules underground fighting, as the name suggests, is a form of combat sport that operates without any set regulations or restrictions. It is a raw and unregulated form of fighting where participants engage in intense battles with minimal or no limitations on techniques, equipment, or behaviour.

Fighters in no-rules underground fights often utilize a wide range of techniques including striking, grappling and submissions. Eye goulging and biting is also allowed, which are moves that are strictly forbidden in the UFC.

Underground fights are often organised discreetly, with access granted to a select few spectators who share an interest in witnessing unregulated combat sports.

What are No Rules fight promotions?

Their are many promoters who have started promotions based on no-rules style of fights, but as it is kept quite secret, many remain anonymous.

However, Remdizz, the promoter of King of the Streets UK, has publicly came out to talk about the scene and how he is making waves in the industry. Starting from a boxing ring in his mums back yard, King of the Streets UK has gained a huge following. They have 1.28 million subcribers on YouTube and 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Is no rules fighting dangerous?

While some may argue that this type of fighting promotes violence and poses significant risks to participants, others view it as an opportunity for fighters to test their skills in a true test of strength and determination.

However, it is important to note that engaging in no rules underground fighting can lead to serious injuries due to its inherently dangerous nature.

The only way the organisers can reduce the risk of serious injury is making sure the fights are controlled by a referee. The referee must stop a fight immediately when a fighter goes unconscious or taps to submit.

Also, the lack of medical professionals or safety protocols is very concerning for the fighters.

However, Underground fighting offers an unconventional combat experience, serving as an alternative outlet for individuals who seek it. Numerous fighters have expressed that it has played a crucial role in keeping them away from criminal activities, as without the discipline and focus it provides, they believe they would have been involved in street crimes.

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Bare-Knuckle Fighter opens about his experience in underground fighting

Bachir Fakhouri, a former kickboxer and MMA fighter opened up on his underground fighting experiences during an interview with Mail Online. He gave an insight into the cruel world of underground fighting and recalled how he once bit his opponent’s ear off. He said:

“The guy’s ear I bit off- and I bit the whole thing off. He eye gouges me and put his finger into my eye. I screamed for him to stop. You can headbutt, kick, stomp, anything, it’s an agreement between two people. Groin shots, eye gouging.” 

The fighters competing in underground fighting usually would not reveal how much they were paid for fights, but King of the Streets provides ‘extra’ for biting and more if the competitor eats parts of their rival. 

Interestingly, one fighter did go out of his way and revealed he was paid £2,000 for a King of the Streets fights – a far cry from the £20 million bagged by heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury per fight and at a much higher risk of death. 

The location where this happened was also kept concealed.

When asked how the fight club gets away with organizing such barbaric brawls, the fighter said: ‘It’s on private land and it’s an agreement between two men.

Final thoughts

It is worth noting that Underground Fighter has been around for a while. It is not something new, however, the sport has started to gain a lot of traction over the past few years. As more and more people try to make a career for themselves in the world of combat sports, underground fighting is often looked at as a way out for people who are struggling to make ends meet as fighters. 

That said, the health concerns associated with unregulated fights should not be overlooked. Fighting in itself is way too dangerous and with the rise of underground fighting, fighters are prone to injuries and harm themselves.

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