Kickboxing is a growing sport and without certain people it wouldn’t be as great as what it is today.

Amir Subasic is one of those people. He is a former fighter, a coach, a promoter and even a manager to fighters. Amir has become one of the true ambassadors of the sport who truly creates champions.

When you step foot into his gym in Luton, his passion, skills and army-like style regimental training, you know that you will become something special. If you are a promoter and are in the need of a fighter, if Amir, with his any fight, any style, any time slogan can’t get you a fight, nobody can.

With such a huge success in the sport and a good friend to us here at Sidekick, we thought we would catch up with Amir to ask him a few questions.

Dan: How did you get into martial arts?

Amir: I grew up in Germany and there I was beaten up by 3 people when I was 5 years old in my School. On my way home I passed by the Sports Hall as always and saw guy’s in white suits throwing each other around….it was Judo. I liked what I saw, so I started training to defend myself.

Dan: What is your favourite fighting style?

Amir: I am a big fan of All Martial Arts and am on an eternal quest of as I call it ‘Conflict Resolution’ in any way shape and form possible. For example, how can I make one person or a group of people efficient in survival techniques whether in the ring, cage, street or battle field.

Dan: How did Storm Gym start?

Amir: I formed it 1st November 1999 and named it after my fight name. I started in a sports hall and now we are in our permanent location on Luton’s New Bedford Road.

Dan: How has the Bosnian special forces helped your career?

Amir: My Military days started in the Yugoslav Army and then the Patriotic League of Bosnia during our conflict. It was the biggest test and experiment of my life and especially the then non-existent Special Forces.

They had to be trained from scratch and made into disciplined and self-sufficient elite soldiers. My previous background in Special Forces helped me shape them into some of the very best the world has ever seen. God bless all of those that are no longer with us anymore.

It helped me in all aspects of my life and till this day it continues to do so. The sheer discipline to endure the most grueling mental and physical environments and combat situations and other unique aspects of it is second to none. War taught me to appreciate life on a daily basis.

Dan: What are your secrets to being such a successful coach?

Amir: Hard work, love and believe in what you do, the people you do it with and my whole team.

Dan: What do you like most about combat sports?

Amir: It’s reality…for me it is the ultimate truth outside of war.

Dan: What has been your best achievement in martial arts?

Amir: My best achievements are the smiles, happiness and love for what I teach that have been instilled in others. Title’s, belt’s and medals are plentiful and good people are few- I like to think I helped create a good few of them.

Dan: Thank you for your time Amir!