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Are Sparbars Worth It?

In boxing, the traditional training equipment like focus pads and punch bags have gone back as long as we can remember, and as many would say, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. However, we are now in a modern era where we are always looking for room for improvement by developing new technology.

One of the latest products to be growing in popularity in the boxing world and used by some of the world’s best fighters in the Sparbar. The Sparbar is suggested to be the closest thing to training with a real partner, but does it live up to expectations or is it just a bit of fun?

So, what is a Sparbar?

The Sparbar is a freestanding metal pole with a leather target on the top and a rotating sidebar to punch and dodge. It has a solid heavy base to keep fixed to the floor. It is designed to improve a boxers speed and evasive reflexes. Sparbar was founded in 2013 and was the inventor of this innovative design.

Critical Boxing and Fitness suggests:

‘The sparbar is a training device intended to at least partially overcome the aforementioned deficiency of the three bags.

In essence, every sparbar comprises a vertical stationary pole, or axis, with a horizontal rotating bar attached to it. The axis may be either wall-mounted or free-standing. You punch the bar and it rotates around the axis and comes right back at you – just like a punch! You then slip it or block it or punch it again to keep it rotating. Either one of those, or it hits you in the head.’


Other companies have since jumped on the bandwagon of the popular product and made their version of the patented design. Boxing Bar, Playerz and Graft are just a few of the names producing a similar product to the Sparbar. The Sparbar is an excellent piece of equipment whether it’s for at home or the gym; everyone can benefit from using it, and from the first time using a Sparbar, it is very addictive fun.

Why use a Sparbar?

It is always good to mix up your training to make you more versatile as a fighter. Not only that, but boxing can be quite repetitive at times, so mixing it up and adding a fun tool can help you stay focused. The Sparbar is one of the only types of equipment that will help with your defence.

Unlike a punching bag that doesn’t hit back, it spins around when you hit the spinning bar, and if you do not block it or slip from the other side, it will hit you. So, you always have to be on your toes, which helps improve your speed and reactions.

Check out this tutorial on how to use a sparbar below:

How to use a Sparbar

To start, try just hitting the bar and dodging or blocking it as it comes round. As you progress, begin to incorporate hitting the head target while the bar is spinning while avoiding getting hit, as this will improve your speed and reflexes.

You can also punch the bar as it is spinning to keep your punches flowing. This will also improve your overall defence. There are negatives to training with the Sparbar, especially if it is solely your only boxing training. It can encourage you to develop some bad habits, as the bar only spins around like a hook and doesn’t help improve strikes from straight punches. It is essential to remember to improve as a boxer or fighter to use various training tools and regimes.

How much do Sparbars Cost?

The Sparbar is not the cheapest boxing equipment on the market.

While other brands are around £300, the most expensive Sparbar is £800. So, depending on how often it will be used or how effective it will be on your training determines if it is a good buy.

Sparbar Review: Pros and Cons

My Boxing Life reviewed the Sparbar and said that:


  • It’s a new and unique boxing piece of equipment.
  • Helps to develop your defense.
  • Improves your speed and reflexes.
  • Helps you to work on counter punching.
  • Develops your upper body movement. (rolling)


  • Can become repetitive.
  • Development of bad habits if used too often.
  • Spinning bar can only come from one angle.’


How to Setup a Sparbar


Final Thoughts

The Sparbar and other training designs are a great fun piece of equipment. It is not an essential piece of boxing equipment, but if you have the spare funds and it will be quite quirky in your home or gym, we recommend buying one.

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