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Best kickboxing sets under £100

When you take up a combat sport like kickboxing, the last thing you want to do is have to shop around and buy all the equipment you need separately.

This will not only be frustrating but your products may all look different and may not be of the same quality.

Here at Sidekick Boxing, we have specialised in kickboxing sets since the day we started. We wanted to offer something that other companies wasn’t, and the kickboxing sets was one of them. So with our unique graffiti logo and creative kickboxing products, our sets became a huge seller to this day.

Other companies have jumped on board with the craze offering similar package deals and sets, but we know exactly what is needed for the perfect kickboxing set to make a very happy customer.

Our kickboxing sets are not only very high quality but also extremely affordable. The kickboxing sets get the customer to see an upto 30% saving as opposed to buying the items individually. We have a wide variety of options and materials too choose from, a synthetic leather material is popular among children and beginners and a cowhide leather for more the experience practitioner.

What products do I need for kickboxing?

  • Boxing gloves: Boxing gloves are one of the most used pieces of equipment. They come in various styles and weights to suit certain parts of your training which include bag gloves, pad work gloves and sparring gloves.
  • Hand wraps: Hand wraps are made from a stretchy elastic cotton which helps support your hand and wrist. You can read our full article ‘How to wrap your hands for kickboxing’ here.
  • Shin guards: Kickboxing shin guards are generally available in 2 different material types. An elastic design which is easily put on like a sock or a leather shin instep which is commonly used for Thaiboxing. You can read our article ‘The different type of shin guards’ here.
  • Kick boots: Kick boots are a soleless boot with a dense foam padding inserted to reduce the impact of the strikes.
  • Kickboxing trousers: Kickboxing trousers are loosely fitted in a lightweight satin material to allow you to move freely and agile.
  • Groin guard: An essential part of equipment for when you are sparring as it is quite easy to come across a low blow.
  • Head guard: In some clubs head guards are not essential but we would always recommend wearing one. It helps prevent a clash of heads and cuts which may happen during sparring.
Ultimate X Leather Boxing Gloves

Children’s Kickboxing sets

It is probably our children’s kickboxing sets that we have become most famous for. It isn’t just the wide variety of funky designs we have made over the years that children simply just love, it is also the perfect size and fit they come in which is essential for children when kickboxing.

Our children’s sets come with matching design 6oz boxing gloves and shin instep pads. As each club is different and may want their students to wear the club apparel, we have sets that have shorts or without options.

As children generally don’t do head contact sparring our sets do not include a head guard.

Children’s Kickboxing sets start at just £39.99.

Starter kickboxing sets

This is definitely the best value for money set. It is for the beginner kickboxer who may be testing the water to see if kickboxing is for them before splashing out on the highest end of equipment.

These sets are fantastic for both men and women kickboxing as they are available in both black and pink colours. It comes with a pair of boxing gloves, elastic shin pads, kick boots and satin kickboxing trousers.

If you participate in K-1 we also have starter sets with elastic shin insteps and satin shorts instead.

Beginner set includes:

  • Boxing gloves 10oz or 12oz (PU material)
  • Kickboxing boots
  • Elastic shin pads
  • Kickboxing trousers

Starter kickboxing sets start at just £70.

‘The Full Monty’ Sparring set

This is the set that has everything you will need for sparring in kickboxing and you will walk in the dojo like a pro with this fantastic complete set. It is only available in the highest quality of materials of cowhide leather so it will be very durable.

The set includes:

  • 16oz sparring gloves (Genuine Leather.
  • Kick boots (Genuine Leather)
  • Elastic shin guards
  • Groin guard
  • Hand wraps
  • Kickboxing trousers

The complete kickboxing set is only £99.99. A £30 saving!

Read the full article about the origins of Sidekick Boxing here.

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