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Boxing Paddles and Sticks: Quality Boxing Stuff or Gimmick?

If you have seen any boxing training online over the last few years, you probably would have seen a coach using boxing paddles and sticks as training aids to develop a fighter’s skills.

Both boxing paddles and sticks have become so popular in the boxing world over recent years that most coaches now have them as part of their boxing equipment collection.

So, what exactly are boxing paddles and boxing sticks, and do they improve your skills?

Boxing Paddles have a flat target area and a handle so the striker can hit either side of the paddle. They are lighter than a focus pad; they are perfect for fast work and more extended training.

Boxing sticks are battens lined with foam which is purchased as a pair. They come with hand straps to prevent them from flying out of your hands. Both boxing paddles and sticks are excellent alternatives to focus mitts.

Boxing Addicts suggests that:

Boxing Pads and paddles offer a different look and feel to the fighter, and as I have said on numerous different occasions, the more different situations and scenarios you can get a fighter used to, the better they can adapt to all of the different things they are going to come face to face within the ring.’


But are they as good compared to the hard-hitting focus pads?

Focus pads will always be the No1 training tool for boxing, as with a good coach or pad holder, a boxer can simulate powerful punches like a real opponent. However, for a boxer to improve to the best of their ability, adding as much diversity to their training, the better.

So, by adding boxing paddles or sticks to your collection of boxing stuff, you will have plenty of enjoyment from them. Boxing sticks may appear to make a coach look like a bit of a Jedi, but they are an excellent extra tool of boxing equipment to improve range, precision and evasive techniques. Also, as they are lighter and a coach doesn’t absorb the strikes like focus pads, you can train longer.

Striking accuracy is one of the essential elements in boxing, so with boxing paddles or sticks, you improve speed and hand to eye coordination.

Paddles vs sticks: Which is better?

We have asked many top coaches if they preferred boxing paddles or sticks, and many suggested it comes down to a personal preference. The upside of the paddles is that as they have an actual striking target, the boxer can throw a little bit harder shots.

Also, as they are more compact to the boxing sticks, they will easily fit in your kit bag with the rest of your boxing stuff. The good side of the sticks is they are very light with soft foam, allowing the coach to be a bit more confident trying to see if the boxer can dodge getting hit without causing any injury.

That is boxing science – learning how to hit without getting hit.

Check out this video below for more information about possible drills using boxing paddles and sticks:

How to Hold Boxing Pads?

Holding boxing pads in the right way is key to training properly. Check out our step-by-step below on how to hold your pads properly.

1. Hold the pads an appropriate distance apart.

A lot of beginner boxers start by holding the boxing pads too far apart. However, remember that the boxer will eventually aim to hit a person’s head, so the trainer shouldn’t hold the pads too far apart. This means that the trainer shouldn’t hold the pads more than a head’s width apart.

2. Keep the pad target firm.

Holding the pad target firmly allows the puncher to take the impact fully but be careful not to choke the jab by moving the pad aggressively forward. If there isn’t a firm hold on the pads, you allow the puncher to box straight through the target, similar to shadow boxing.

3. Practice defence as well as offence

Usually, offence is the way for most fighters; however, even with pads, it’s great to get some shots back at the fighter when they are wearing the mitts to get them used to block the punches.

Check out the video below for more information on how to use boxing paddles and sticks:

Sidekick Boxing Pads

We have high-quality boxing pads available, perfect for training your fighters.

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They are sold as a pair.

Club Edition Curved Boxing Focus Pads

2. Club Edition Kickboxing Strike Kick Pads ONLY £49.99

The Sidekick Club edition kickboxing strike pads boast a traditional Muay Thai design in lightweight construction, allowing fast combinations and drills to perfect all K1 style kickboxing techniques. These kickboxing pads are made from superior-grade synthetic leather and stitched to the highest possible standards to produce a durable training tool. They benefit from 2 wide velcro straps and a solid grip bar for maximum pad work mobility. They are sold as a pair.

Club Edition Kickboxing Strike Kick Pads

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