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Buy Football Kits For Your Team With Our Fully Customisable Service

When you’re looking to buy football kits, the last place you would imagine shopping at is a company called Sidekick Boxing.

Even with our grassroots and over ten years of manufacturing boxing and martial arts equipment, we have produced football kits too. Boxing equipment needs to be highly durable out of all sports equipment as it endures the most punishment.

Not only that, but fight wear has to fit very comfortably as, during combat, fighters cannot afford to have the slightest niggling distraction. So when it comes to producing football kits, we can guarantee our football kits are to the highest standard and will last for many seasons.

We have also made football kits for kid’s teams that have won the division 1 league.

The History of the Football Kit

During the Victorian Era (1857-1899)

Football originated in the Middle Ages as mob football games between competing villages played without rules and with an unlimited number of participants on each side.

Around this period, the earliest football clubs appeared, including Sheffield FC (1857, the world’s oldest club), Hallam (1860), and Notts County (1860). (1862).

Players wore whatever they had on hand, and teams were identifiable by wearing differently coloured caps, scarves, or sashes over their cricket whites. The rules of Sheffield FC dated 1857 can find the first mention of “colours”.

It states: “Each player must provide himself with a red and dark blue flannel cap, one colour to be worn by each side.”


Around 1870, the first uniform kits appeared. In England, the colours of the public schools and sports clubs with whom the game was affiliated were frequently used: Blackburn Rovers had white shirts with the blue Maltese Cross of Shrewsbury School on them initially.

Bukta, which was founded in 1879, was the first sportswear producer in the United Kingdom.

By WW2, a form of Football Kit had surfaced.

If you would like to know more information about the history of the football jersey, take a look at the video below:

Team Football Kits

We offer a unique bespoke service for football kits for teams, as every kit is uniquely designed for every order.

So if you would like something original and striking, you can be sure your football team will be the only ones with the kit. The team football kits include a shirt, shorts and socks. Prices from £19.99

Custom Print Football Kits

Our Sidekick football kits won’t be beaten when it comes down to price. Many football kit distributors may sell discounted ones, but they usually come as a blank canvas.

You then need to find a design and print service company to embroider the football team badge, print numbers and possibly add sponsors. This can cost just as much as the football kits themselves, becoming quite expensive.

The beauty with our Sidekick football kits is that as we are a manufacturer, we can provide the equipment, print and badges all under one roof, which is much more convenient and costs a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, all of our kits are made from the latest technical fabrics, and the print is fully-sublimated so it won’t fade or crack—prices from £24.99.

What is in a Football Kit?

There are some fantastic deals on adult football team wear, especially if you buy in bulk. Although this would need a considerable initial investment, it will be a significantly more cost-effective method in the long term.

You can purchase everything you need to get your team through a long season for a very reasonable price. For example, a comprehensive kit package for up to 16 players would comprise:

● Shirts for the outfield
● Shirts for the outfield
● Shirt for the goalkeeper
● Shorts for goalkeepers
● Socks
● Numbers on shirts
● A football
● A bag for your gear

Selecting the Correct Fit for your Football Kit

It’s usually advisable to go up a size for the shirt and short lengths. While you can get these measurements by asking your players, it’s usually a good idea to go up a size to account for error. It’s preferable to loose-fitting shirts and shorts over skin-tight ones.

If your body measurements are in the middle of two sizes, go down one for a tight fit and up to one for a loose fit. The players’ tastes may determine the sizes you choose.

What Football Kits can I Buy?

We can produce a football kit to your exact design, including different colour sleeves or any patterns you like.

Some popular styles of kits are Hooped, Faded colour, striped, side-panel, diagonal striped, quarters, and chequered.

Please send us an email or use WhatsApp below for further information regarding our football kits.

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