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As with any industry, there are always various brands. This is great in many ways to give the consumer a variety of choice.

The Sidekick Boxing Brand

When we were in the development stages of Sidekick back in 2010, we decided we wanted an image that was different from what was already out there.

We were after something unique and a bit creative as many of the other brands had images like demons, skulls etc. Additionally, we wanted kickboxing to be our primary product but we also wanted to provide equipment for Boxing and Thai Boxing too.

We noticed MMA was getting increasingly popular over the years. As we produced K1 kickboxing equipment, which was used on many promotions, we gained popularity in MMA too. K1 and MMA were the main fighting styles of fight promotions, i.e a K1 / MMA fight night.

Throughout Sidekick’s lifespan, we have seen many boxing gloves brands come and go over the years, which is sad to see. Even though they may be conflicting to us, we are all part of the same community to help the sport grow and the competition between brands can be fun.

After all that is what sport is about!

What types of boxing gloves brands are there?

In any sport, when it becomes extremely popular, people see as it an opportunity to make money. However, if this is the case of the director, they probably won’t last too long.

Sidekick’s roots are much deeper and Daniel Knight, who is a black belt kickboxer himself, explains it is the passion of the sport that has been the key to success.

“I once remember listening to Richard Branson who once said if you are passionate about your business, don’t worry about the money, as it will come later”

There are many pros to having lots of different boxing gloves brands as there is more money injected into the sport this way. The downside to that is the companies may not make enough to be able to give fighters and promotions more.

What Are The Best Brands For Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves?

Fight Quality Suggests that:

‘Having the right pair of boxing gloves can make a difference in terms of comfort, protection, and impact. In the ranks of pro boxing, having the perfect pair of gloves means one less distraction, helping fighters have a clearer sense of focus when doing what they do best.’

For more information on what Fight Quality has to say about Sidekick Boxing Gloves, check out this article.

There are many different brands of Boxing equipment. From Everlast and Rival Gloves to Cleyto Reeves and Winning Gloves, it can be difficult to choose the right equipment for you.

The biggest brands of boxing and kickboxing equipment are:

  1. Sidekick Boxing
  2. Winning
  3. Rival
  4. Cleto Reyes
  5. Venum

Here at Sidekick Boxing, we rigorously test all of our products from the best professional fighters so it reinsures us our products are an exceptional standard for everyone.

Since our beginnings, Sidekick has become a pioneer in developing high-quality boxing equipment as well as kickboxing and Muay Thai equipment too.

As a result, we are proud to say that our boxing gloves are endorsed by some of the best fighters around the world.

For many, especially amateur fighters, they may choose what brand is popular to them.

csquaredboxing has reviewed our Boxing Gloves on YouTube below:

What type of boxing gloves should I buy?

You may now of chose the brand of boxing gloves you would like, but are now wondering what type of boxing gloves you will need.

Generally their are two types of boxing gloves. The way boxing gloves are described are by either their weight or how they are secured on. Their is either a velcro fastening or a lace up design, which is very similar to a shoe lace.

It is important to always use good quality hand wraps before putting on any boxing gloves to protect your hands and wrist.

You can read our full guide on ‘How to wrap your hands for boxing’ here.

Velcro boxing gloves

The vecro design boxing gloves are the most common and popular, simply because they are the most user friendly. The boxing gloves have a strap which wraps around your wrist and secured with velcro (hook and loop).

This design makes it easy to put both gloves on and off during each rounds, especially if you are changing pad holders.

Lace up boxing gloves

The lace up style boxing gloves are the the traditional fight glove with a 18 point lace up design. The lace up boxing gloves are generally only used by professional fighters in competition.

This style of gloves are the most comfortable as the laces ensure a perfect customized fit. The laces allow the user to individually tighten the glove down the wrist area every 2cm.

The downside with lace up boxing gloves is they take time to get on and you will require a friend or coach to help put them on.

These gloves are good if you are looking to have private 1-2-1 classes as you won’t need to take off during the lesson.

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