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Do you own a club or gym? Do you have your own fight promotion and would like your own custom boxing gloves to give powerful branding?

Having your own custom designed branded gloves not only look good but also gives your brand the quality it deserves, as they are made to the same standard as what our champions use.

Our boxing gloves have been used by more fight promotions than any other boxing gloves brands.
This is because we have established ourselves in kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA.

Our standard fight or competition boxing gloves are a 10oz lace up style. However, our custom boxing gloves service allows you to choose exactly the colours and size you would like as some fighters may use 12oz or 14oz if they are an amateur K1 fighter.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

What fight equipment can I get customised?

Custom Boxing gloves

Any style of boxing gloves can be customised to your liking. You can have either lace up or a hook and loop strap design. A leather material would always be recommended for quality but if you are looking for something more affordable we also do a faux leather option.

Custom Shin guards

Shin guards are generally most popular with custom boxing gloves orders. On some fight promotions, amateur K-1 fights will insist on leg protection to be worn. So some promoters like the shin guards to match the boxing gloves, especially in colour.

Custom Fight shorts

Most martial arts clubs like the idea of having their own custom club kickboxing shorts. This is generally because they may sell other apparel like club t-shirts that it all looks matching. All students wearing all the same kit looks very professional and it is good for the club branding.

Custom Fighters Package

If you are a fighter and would like custom kickboxing equipment and apparel for your fight or training, we can design, manufacture and print a full package for you. The standard package includes boxing gloves, shin guards and shorts but we can add additional items to tailor your order.


Depending on the products and the purpose they are being used for, we offer a wide variety of high quality materials to choose from to suit your needs.

  • Genuine leather – The cowhide leather is the flagship for combat sports equipment. It is very hard wearing and produces a product which is very luxurious.
  • Synthetic leather – Synthetic leather is a good all-rounder material. It is an affordable option that is ideal for amateurs, youth and products generally not being used as much.

To learn more about the different materials read our article ‘Leather vs faux leather: which is better for boxing gloves?’ here. 


We aim to be as competitive as we can be with our pricing. Each order is priced accordingly to products and quantity.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote!

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