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Fight Like A Girl: What Is The Best Women’s Kickboxing Equipment?

Since the day we opened back in 2010 we have produced a range of equipment for women’s kickboxing. From attractive pink boxing gloves, foot pads, satin trousers and even head guards, our range has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to women’s kickboxing.

Womens MMA Equipment
Sidekick have sponsored former female MMA fighter Kirsty Davis.

Over the years we have watched amazing kickboxers like Marie Lang and the phenomenal Lucia Rijker showing the world what it means to fight fiercely, with more and more kickboxing and MMA promotions growing rapidly to include women in their ranks.

There has been a huge spike in demand of women’s kickboxing equipment which is why we offer a full range of female-focused products and we started to work alongside a fight management company to sign women to be part of our fight team. This team of female fighters was given the name Sidekick-Girls. We had many women sign up to the Sidekick girls brand and they all came from a wide variety of different backgrounds in martial arts.

How did the Sidekick-Girls kickboxing brand become so popular?

As mentioned above, when we first launched our products back in 2010, we wanted to cater for everyone and that would include men, women and even children.

The women’s kickboxing equipment would include vibrant pink colours of boxing gloves, kickboxing foot pads, head guard and pink satin trousers and all of these would also be available in an attractive matching kickboxing set.

This girlie line of kickboxing equipment took a huge like to promotional ring girls and other fitness models as many of them would contact us to have a photo shoot in our studio wearing our feminine range of gear.

This trend blew up across the U.K, but even though these models all came from a background or interest in martial arts, we wanted to see our pink Sidekick logo more inside of the ring. So it wasn’t long before champion female kickboxers, MMA and Muay Thai fighters was proud to be flying the Sidekick flag.

Women in Kickboxing

Although it may not seem this way, women have been participating in kickboxing since the 1960s in Thailand. However, in the United States, women were banned from taking part in women’s boxing even as soon as the 1970s.

There is still some stigma to women in kickboxing, however, in recent years, this stigma is losing its power. With organisations such as World’s Muay Thai Angels, women in kickboxing are being recognised more and more.

In recent years, the kickboxing organisation Glory created a women’s division built around Tiffany van Soest in May 2016. This shows that, as time progresses, more and more women are getting involved in the sport.

Take a look below at the Female World Championship W.K.N. video below to see how the stigma around women’s kickboxing has changed dramatically in recent years:

Is there a difference in women’s kickboxing equipment?

The only real difference between men and women’s kickboxing equipment is a slight change in the fit and sizing in order to secure the pieces to different body shapes. This means that each product may have slight alterations to fit and perform better for women.

When we produce boxing gloves for women we make them in sizes 10oz – 14oz and we use an inner mould that is smaller for more petite hands. The same applies for clothing like tshirts and MMA shorts as we give the fabric a female cut to suit their body type.

Many people may think just because it’s pink it’s designed for women. However, this is not always the case as many pieces of equipment can be generally oversized for women and lack the ergonomic design necessary to fit female fighters.

At Sidekick, we understand this and we have specialised in women’s kickboxing equipment for a decade and dedicate lots of time and effort to ensure the products we sell fit everyone perfectly, no matter their gender.

What are the three key differences between male and female boxing gloves?

  1. Hand Compartment size

The internal compartment of boxing gloves- also known as the hand cage- is different between men and women’s boxing gloves. Women’s hand cages are designed to be smaller so that they have a more precise fit and can also be designed with a slimmer fit too.

  1. Colours and Styles

This is one of the most obvious differences between women’s and men’s boxing gloves. Many women’s boxing gloves have a more ‘feminine’ colour and style to them, however it is always best to pick the correct fit and weight for you over any aesthetics.

  1. Size and Weight

This is the most important part of choosing your boxing gloves, and one of the main differences between men’s and women’s boxing gloves. As mentioned above, our brand features women’s boxing gloves between 10oz – 14oz for a less hefty build.

What Different Types of Women’s Kickboxing Equipment do Sidekick Stock?

At Sidekick boxing, we try to make our kickboxing equipment available for everyone. This means that we stock a large array of different sizes, as well as equipment catered to different genders too.

Our women’s range of kickboxing equipment is large and varied, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • BJJ Gi’s
  • Kickboxing- pink kickboxing foot guards
  • Pink boxing gloves
  • Pink shin insteps
  • Pink satin shorts and trousers.
  • Pink boxing head guards
  • MMA – Women’s rash guards
  • Vale Tudo shorts and MMA shorts
  • MMA Sports bras
  • & more!

For example, one of our best-sellers, ‘Carbon Fuchsia Pink Women’s Boxing Gloves’ are specifically-designed with women in mind. These boxing gloves are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. They are also designed with a special carbon material outside and foam padding for both the safety of the wearer as well as ease-of-use.

Female fighter sponsorship

If you are a female fighter in any discipline, head over to our sponsorship page to check out the fantastic opportunities we offer for both amateur and professional fighters.

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