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Filled vs Unfilled: Which Punch Bag Is Better To Buy?

If you are looking to purchase a new punch bag, you may be considering the pros and cons of a filled vs an unfilled punch bag. The price difference between the two is quite substantial, making it very tempting to go for the cheaper unfilled option. However, it is not as straightforward as you may think, as once the bag arrives, it is another job in itself filling the empty bag.

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It does look quite a straight forward task, as an unfilled punch bag has a large zip and the top flaps open to easily insert the filling, but It is not as easy as it appears. Also, the bigger the bag, the more challenging it can be.

Buying a filled punch bag is quite a luxury, because as soon as it arrives, you can hang it up immediately. However, If you have a limited budget, it may be the only option to go for the unfilled punch bag and by taking your time and with the right filling, you can save yourself a decent sum of money.

The other thing to consider is when choosing a filled punch bag vs an unfilled punch bag, is the unfilled bag will weigh a lot less which will make shipping costs much cheaper, especially if you are buying multiple punch bags.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Filled and Unfilled Punch Bag?

Filled Punch Bag


  • Professionally manufactured with filling ready for use.
  • More convenient.


  • More expensive to buy.
  • Higher shipping costs.

Unfilled Punch Bag


  • Cheaper to buy.
  • Reduced shipping costs.


  • Time consuming to fill.
  • Not as good quality to a manufacturered filled punch bag.

How to fill an unfilled punch bag

  1. Buy the best quality unfilled punch bag you can afford. If the punch bag is going to be used all the time, aim to buy a genuine leather punch bag if possible. if it is not to be used as frequent, a good quality synthetic leather will be fine.
  2. Choose the filler. The manufacturing process generally use shredded raw materials and fabrics. You can also use raw materials and other fillers like sand to make the bag heavier and regain its original shape.
  3. Get something to push the material down to firmly pack it in.
  4. It is best to have weight at the bottom of the bag to prevent it from freely swinging. The best thing is to put a weight at the bottom of the punch bag. If you are going to use sand, put it in a sealed bag first.
  5. Start filling your punch bag with your raw materials. Every so much, keep packing it down so it’s nice and packed.
  6. Keep filling right to the top, but keep in mind to allow just enough room to zip it back up.

Tip: You may notice after using the punch bag for some time, the filler has started to drop, so unzip and top it up with more materials.

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