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How Long Should Boxing Gloves Last?

If you are looking to purchase a new pair of boxing gloves, the last thing you would want is to find out that after only a few months of using them is that they start falling apart.

Investing in a good quality pair of boxing gloves will really pay off as not only will they perform better, you will also see a decent length of time out of them.

So, how long do boxing gloves last?

In short, your first pair of boxing gloves should last approximately 1-3 years, depending on the frequency of training. However, if you’re more advanced in your fighting journey, cheaper gloves won’t last more than a year.

Your boxing gloves are one of the most used training tools out of all your kickboxing equipment. This is because other equipment like head guards and shin guards may only get used during sparring or block and counter attacks. Whereas, your boxing gloves will get used nearly in all aspects of training. Every pair of boxing gloves are made differently with different materials.

Beginners Boxing Gloves

If you are first starting out kickboxing or boxing you probably are not looking to spend too much as you may not be sure if it is for you.

For beginners, we recommend a good quality pair of synthetic leather gloves or general leather boxing gloves. Prices for these types of gloves can range from £25 – £40.

As detailed above, beginners boxing gloves should last between 1-3 years of use. If you are training regularly and or even if you are just a hard hitter you may only see a year out of them.

Your club may also sell you some club boxing gloves. These are generally an entry-level boxing glove that the club have their logo printed on to sell as a beginners starter package, along with a gum shield and hand wraps. These types of gloves are great to create team camaraderie as well as to build trust in your team.

Professional fighters will use the best leather gloves on the market with high wrist support and double stitch throughout as they will need to perform to their level of training.

So, what is the life expectancy of boxing gloves?

The life expectancy of boxing gloves can vary dramatically depending on who is using them, how often they are using them and what type of training they are being used for.

The most important thing is that the right person has purchased a suitable pair of boxing gloves. For instance, a professional fighter training up to five times a week should use a professional level of leather boxing gloves, not an entry level PU glove.

If you are a beginner and just seeing if the sport is for you, a budget pair of gloves would suit you perfectly fine. Even if they don’t last you as long as professional gloves,  they will last you long enough to see if you really want to take the sport seriously. This means that after this, you can then invest in upgrading your gloves according to the style you’re after.

What happens when I progress with my boxing?

It is recommended that when you progress to sparring that you have 2 pairs of boxing gloves.

You should have one pair of boxing gloves for your bag and pad work and another pair for sparring. 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves make a nice size for the bag or pad work and 14oz or 16oz is recommended for sparring as they are more padded for protection to your sparring partner.

So using sparring gloves for heavy bags will reduce the life expectancy as it will wear the padding down very quickly.

Once you notice that the padding is wearing on your sparring gloves and you can start to feel your knuckles through the glove, it is very important to replace them immediately as it can cause damage to your sparring partner.

Sidekick: What gloves are available to buy?

One of our best boxing gloves are our Ultimate X boxing gloves which are perfect for many different styles of boxers.

Our Ultimate X boxing gloves have been tested by undefeated professional boxer Anth Ornsby. He received his gloves back in October 2019 and he is still using today in October 2020.

Of course they are showing signs of aesthetics wear but the gloves themselves are still performing as they should and he trains nearly everyday for hours.

These types of gloves are long-lasting and perfect for both beginners as well as professionals too.

How can I make my boxing gloves last longer?

It’s too easy to finish a tough workout, throw your gloves in your sports bag and head home. But ideally, it’s good practice to wipe the gloves down and dry off.

The best way to make your boxing gloves last longer is to clean them down after every workout.

You should:

1. Wipe down the entire boxing glove.

2. Clean anything in the velcro and keep secured.

3. Try to keep the boxing gloves out of your bag or even just keep the bag unzipped to allow the air to get to them.

4. To keep them smelling fresh, use a boxing glove deodoriser which goes inside the gloves.

To conclude, So expect your gloves to last at least a year. Don’t get too upset if they don’t because if you have purchased Sidekick boxing gloves, we offer a 12 month warranty.  When you continue your fighting career/hobby, you will expect to buy multiple pairs over your lifetime. After all, they are used for hitting things!

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