Since 2010, our aim was not only to be a huge part of the Kickboxing circuit but to also help it grow. Over the last 7 years we have sponsored some of the biggest names and promotions in the U.K. As you may of seen, we have sponsored fighters on fight promotions like Glory, Bellator, BAMMA and Cage Warriors and your probably thinking unless your a #1 ranked fighter you will not get a chance for sponsorship, but this is not always the case, as we have massively helped our amateur fighters and local shows as these are the roots to the sport.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

As you could imagine we receive high levels of applications for fighters sponsorships, so we have come up with a guide to help you know exactly what we are looking for. Before you approach us for a potential fighter sponsorship with a proposal, you must understand what you have to offer and know what you would like from us. In order for the sponsorship to work long term the sponsorship needs to work for both parties and that is why it is a very important factor to build a good solid relationship between the fighter and the brand.

It is also highly important for the fighter to believe and love the product, as he/she will naturally promote the brand and it will look more real and authentic. You will need to have a high social media fan base and for them to engage in your posts. If you haven’t got a large following and would like to grow it, you can read our article ‘Why fighters should blog in 2021’ here, as it has some useful tips.

To get noticed by us, winning your fights is a start but it definitely isn’t everything. We look to sponsor fighters with the following characteristics:

1) You should be exciting to watch. Everyone remembers an action-packed fight. With exciting fights comes more exposure.

2) You should be a good spokesperson to represent our company. As a sponsored fighter, you are also assuming the role of a brand ambassador. Prove that you can positively promote a brand by promoting yourself and building a solid following.

3) Be a role model inside and outside of the ring. It’s easy to get behind someone that others look up to. It’s also easy to work with someone who is respectful and humble.

If your image is not quite what we are looking for, it is not the end of the road for sponsorship for you, as you may be the perfect person for another company. Read our article ‘Choosing the right fighter’ here.

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorship varies from fighter to fighter because some fighters might be at a higher level in their career and with a bigger fan base than others. We would always provide the necessary equipment for training and fighting for both amateur and professional fighters and we offer some form of financial support for professional fighters whether that would be to cover certain costs or monthly installments.

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