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How To Choose The Correct Children’s Boxing Gloves

Like with any sport, if your child gets into a boxing or kickboxing at a young age they will certainly reap the benefits. Getting your kids into martial arts or combat sports is perfect for them to let off their energy in a positive way as well as learning a discipline.

As a parent, we love martial arts like boxing and kickboxing and we want our children to participate so they can also enjoy the sport and have lots of fun too.

So, by getting your kids padded up in some funky new kids boxing gloves and taking them to martial arts classes they will have endless hours of fun and make some new friends.


What boxing gloves does my child need?

It can be very daunting to choose your kids boxing gloves as their are many styles and designs available and you may be wondering what are the correct size of kids boxing gloves for your child to enjoy the sport without getting injured.

The most important thing to remember with kids boxing gloves is that your primary concern should always remain the safety and security of your child. This can only be achieved through proper size, weight, and fitting.

Some kids boxing gloves on the market are cheaper than others, but be aware as some cheap boxing gloves for kids are made for play only and not of a good enough quality to be used in a kickboxing class. They will be made from poor quality materials and not in the correct child’s hand shape as well as insufficient padding. These cheap kids boxing gloves you may find will not last long and you will end up buying twice. Cheaper kids boxing gloves usually come under £15 and will have less padding and offers little protection for your child.

What size boxing gloves do I need for a 3 year old?

In the U.K, many martial arts clubs may not teach children as young as 3 and usually start classes from 6 years of age.

However, if you want to teach your child boxing moves at home and help them to familiarize with various boxing training equipment you can purchase the suitable boxing equipment.

Teaching your children boxing at home is also a great time to have some family fun.

Boxing gloves for kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years, the normal weight just around 4 ounces.
The boxing gloves become bigger and heavier as the age and size of your child grow.

What age are 6oz boxing gloves for?

The 6oz kids boxing gloves are the most popular for children participating in both boxing and kickboxing as they are suitable for ages 6-10 years. After that they generally will move up to a 10oz boxing glove.

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Are kids Boxing Gloves different to adult gloves?

The quality of boxing gloves for kids is generally the same as that of amateur and professional boxers as the manufacturing process is the same. However, softer materials are used to be more comfortable for children.

The main ingredients in the gloves for kids are same that includes form and gel padding. From the outside, these gloves are covered with leather, vinyl, or synthetic leather.
These gloves include some heavy duty stitching and construction in order to keep them from wear and tear. These gloves are made to last for a very long time.
Mostly, the form and shape of kids gloves are no different. However, in order to wear and remove gloves easily, kids gloves feature a velcro wrist strap.

We have many designs of kids boxing gloves available and us parents don’t get it right all the time, so ask your child to pick their favorite design so they are not disappointed.

Tips for Parents to Remember

The boxing gloves will soften up after some time, so don’t worry if they initially feel quite stiff because they do tend to loosen up after several uses.

When your child progresses to sparring then It is better to buy two pairs of gloves for you kids, one for training and one for sparring sessions.

If you child trains in kickboxing then it may be good to purchase matching kids boxing gloves and shin guards with our fantastic range of kids kickboxing sets. You can read our article ‘What are the different types of kickboxing shin guards’ here.

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