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Is Kidney Punch Illegal In Boxing? (Must-Know Rules of Boxing)

Are you wondering: “Is Kidney punch illegal in boxing?”? Don’t worry! This article will provide you with the ideal answer to ease your mind.

It is unquestionable that mastering the punch techniques comes in handy in competition or actual situations. Among numerous pitching techniques to consider, kidney punch is included with the primary concern: “Is kidney punch legal in boxing?”

Accordingly, we provide this article to accompany you on the journey of finding a satisfactory answer.
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Is Kidney Punch Illegal In Boxing?

Yes, kidney punch – meaning a forceful punching method that aims at the opponent’s kidneys – is illegal in boxing or MMA competition since it causes severe effects for boxers.

Indeed, this kind of punch is conducted when the boxer intentionally strikes the lower back of the challenger. Certainly, the powerful kidney punch leads to several injuries inflicting belongings.

Additionally, you are likely to be received a warning or even personalized by the referee in the professional match. Besides, if your punch is unintentional and the competitive fight still happens, you probably avoid a point deduction.


Consequences Of Getting A Kidney Punch

Undoubtedly, the kidney is the most affected area when you get a kidney punch on your opponent’s lower back.

Generally, bruised kidney or a kidney contusion happens in this case. In addition, the injury probably leads to pain in the flank area or upper hip due to internal bleeding in the kidney after that serious injury. You can choose boxing gloves for heavy bags for best practice

Moreover, the kidney and muscles are closely related together. Hence, it’s undeniable that the affected kidney might harm your bones and back muscles.

Apart from the obvious symptoms like pain, you might face tenderness, vomiting, dull ache, etc. In more complicated cases, kidney contusion probably results in serious health problems or even death.

Treatment And Recover From A Kidney Punch

The appropriate treatment options may vary according to the severity of your pain.

Whatever is your context, you should prioritize medical attention first. Indeed, it’s essential to check related physical symptoms and diagnose the health complications via running some imaging tests—for instance, X-ray, MRI scan, etc.

Typically, there are 2 prominent cases in alignment with 2 common treatment options folllowing:

● For the standard cases with light symptoms: bed rest within 1-2 weeks is ideal for helping you recover gradually. However, don’t underestimate the milder symptoms since they probably lead to other health complications if lacking suitable treatment.
● The doctor needs to maintain your blood pressure via administering fluid intake in serious situations. Suppose that your kidney keeps internal bleeding; surgery is one of the optimum solutions for your health. Indeed, the time to recover may take longer (3-12 months) due to you being hit harder. Hence, special treatment contributes to preventing other health issues from developing.



Don’t skip the FAQs part for further insight regarding kidney punch and related topics

  1. Can a damaged kidney heal itself?
    No, the damaged kidney cannot heal itself. Instead, it would help if you had medical treatment immediately according to your health status to avoid further issues.
    On the other hand, the earlier you discover the damaged kidney, the higher chances of treatment you get. Also, due to the state-the-art technologies, you have more options and conditions to face and recover from this illness effectively.
  2. Can you box with one kidney?
    No. Unquestionably, your body won’t operate the best if having one kidney in terms of protection since the kidneys are often placed in the pelvis. Accordingly, playing any heavy sports is not recommended, including boxing.
  3. What are other powerful punches in boxing?
    Apart from kidney punch, the liver shot or liver punch might be noted in this question. Specifically, this punch is conducted by striking the right side of the ribcage that damages the liver.
  4. How long should a kidney punch hurt?
    As aforementioned in the previous part, the time the kidney punch hurts you might depend on the level of your injury. For mild cases, with good treatment and observation gradually, the pain may heal within 2 weeks via bed rest. Otherwise, it probably takes you 3-12 months or even longer to completely recover.
  5. How to execute the kidney punch?
    Let’s take a look at this video for further reference!


Now we have reached the final part of the kidney punch topic. Hopefully, you might acquire essential resources to ease your mind. Indeed, it is clear that this punching technique is illegal in professional boxing matches. Accordingly, there is numerous health complication that the boxer needs to face.

See, from another side, a kidney punch is illegal in combat sports but comes in handy for those looking for self-defense techniques.Additionally, if you have any further concerns, please contact us or drop your comment below this article for further discussion. See you in the next post!

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