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Joshua Vs Fury: Is It The Biggest Fight In History?

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury is one of the most anticipated boxing fights for decades. After years of talks of these two fighting, it could be finally set to happen this summer.

Their has been lots of rivalry between the two boxers and mixed opinions on social media to who would win in this super fight and become the next undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

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They both have gone down their own paths and both Joshua and Fury have been extremely successful, but both champions, apart from sparring have not yet met competitively in the boxing ring.

Joshua has had 25 fights with 24 wins with the majority by knockout and it was only up until Joshua’s last oppenent that both men were undefeated, when Andy Ruiz Jr shocked the world and beat Joshua at Madison Square Garden. Joshua got his revenge and beat him in the rematch.

Tyson Fury has had 30 wins and 1 draw against Deontay Wilder which many saw he should of easily won on points. Fury is the lineal champion as he beat the reining champion Klitschko and is now also the WBC champion after beating Wilder in their rematch.

Joshua the power house and Fury the slick mover, it would certainly be a case of ‘styles make fights’.

It is clear to see why these two fighters do get different opinions to who would win and it would be very interesting to see as it will be for the first time in Joshua’s career he would be the smaller opponent as Fury stands at 6’9.

This fight has always been a bit of a dream fight because the fact Fury got banned from boxing by the BBBofC for a drug allegation, it made it even more unlikely for the fight to take place, but Fury got cleared in 2018 and regained his licence which made the fight possible again.

Joshua managed by Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing didn’t feel the need either for Joshua to fight Fury as even though it would of been a dangerous fight to take in AJ’s career, Fury didn’t offer a lot in return after bloating up to over 27st and no longer having any belts to fight for.

To be honest, Anthony Joshua has been the bigger star in the boxing fans eyes and got the huge endorsement deals. Fury seemed to only be popular with the hardcore boxing fans as he appeared not to take the sport as seriously with his shenanigans.

But, after turning his life around after battling depression and making one of the biggest comebacks in boxing history, he is back on top and a better fighter than ever.

So, years of the public screaming for this mega fight and now that Fury holds the last piece of the puzzle for Joshua, the WBC belt, the fight is soon to take place for the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Two fighters, Two champions, one undisputed champion.

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What is an Undisputed world title fight?

An undisputed World title is when all of the 4 major world titles are to be won in one bout between two fighters.

The IBF, WBO, WBA and WBC are all recognised as the major sanctioning bodies so you could potentially have 4 World champions, one in each organisation.

However, an undisputed World champion holds all of these 4 belts together. Anthony Joshua holds 3 (IBF, WBO and WBA) and Tyson Fury holds 1 (WBC).

This is one of the main reasons people debate fighters because with each sanctioning body, every fighter may rank higher in one sanctioning body than another.

If you see the boxing rankings on Boxlive website, you can see Joshua is ranked champion on the WBO, WBA and IBF but not ranked by the WBC and it is vice versa for Fury. This is why The Ring magazine which is an independent boxing organisation rank fighters how they see them based on their performance against previous opponents and victories without taking other belts into consideration.

The Ring have both Fury and Joshua in their rankings and currently have Fury as the champion and Joshua ranked at the number 1 contender.

Read our article ‘The different boxing title belts explained’ here.

Joshua vs Fury is such a huge fight for the British boxing fans for many reasons:

  • Undisputed title fight: This will prove who is the best heavyweight on earth and this is the last time an undisputed fight has taken place since Lennox Lewis for over 20 years.
  • It is an all British title fight: What other fight would draw in a bigger audience than this fight?
  • It has been long awaited.

So, who would win Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury?

They both have very different styles and different strengths so it is difficult to be 100% confident to who you think will win and that will only be proven when they fight.

Tyson Fury’s Boxing Style


  • Great jab
  • Slick footwork
  • Good head movement
  • Long reach
  • Tough chin

Fury coming from a travelling family, boxing at a very young age is almost tradition. His dad, John Fury was a bare knuckle boxing champion so Tyson was only going to grow up to be a boxer himself.

Fury has a lifetime experience in fighting. When he was fighting professionally, many would question his ability as a boxer but for any expert that slick foot work and head movement it is easy to see he is a shear natural.

He has never focused on getting a chiselled body as we are sure he knows that it is not the most important thing in being a fighter. Also, at 6’9 tall, we’re sure he his never going to feel small in the boxing ring.

It is also suggested that Fury doesn’t have knockout power, but with 21 KO’s on his record, it speaks for itself.

Fury loves being in the ring and looks like he enjoys every second of it, so he doesn’t tend to look for that knockout punch. He picks his oppenent off with punch after punch. This type of punishment can only be substained for so long as we saw with Wilder.

Anthony Joshua’s boxing style


  • Fast puncher
  • Good combinations
  • Very powerful
  • Knockout artist

Joshua hasn’t got as much boxing experience under his belt as Fury as he only came into boxing in his late teens after having a troubled youth.

However, in his career he has become one of the most successful heavyweight boxers in the U.K.

Joshuas tends to stick to the fundamentals of boxing and he never is seen to go out of his box and do anything flamboyant. He has been perfecting his style more and more over the years and has a more polished finish which we see today.

One of Joshua’s strongest points has got to be his power. When he unloads, their is not going to be many fighters that can weather off his storm.

Image source: The Sun

Final Thoughts

We are huge fans of both fighters and wish them both the very best. However, this fight is very close to call as they both have different strengths. If we had to choose we would see this fight going in the favour of Fury because of his skill and ring craft is that tad bit better.

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