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Brighton is rated one of the best places to live and work in the U.K. Known for its seaside views and offers plenty of exciting attractions and things to do, it is the perfect place to learn a dynamic sport like kickboxing.

Kickboxing is the perfect choice of fitness to relieve stress from the busy lifestyles we have in Brighton. Whether you want to get extremely fit, tone up or for self-defence, kickboxing will be perfect for you.

Daniel Knight, who grew up in Brighton, is a black belt kickboxer and owner of Sidekick Boxing, has been passionate about kickboxing since he was a child.

He achieved his black belt, became qualified as a kickboxing referee and has trained in many top gyms across the UK. After founding the famous brand, Sidekick, Daniel now wants to further his martial arts journey by starting kickboxing classes and teaching in Brighton.

Sidekick Boxing Presents Knight Kickboxing

Kickboxing Syllabus and Grading

Knight Kickboxing are members of the International Combat Organisation (ICO), which is one of the largest martial arts organisations in the world. As a member of the ICO, we offer a full grading syllabus for our students looking to achieve their black belt in kickboxing. At every grade each student will receive an official certificate of their achievement. All of our instructors are a grade black belt or above, DBS checked and qualified first aiders. 

Order Of Kickboxing Belts

To learn more about ‘The levels of kickboxing’ read our article here.

First Aid for Kickboxing

Kickboxing is designed to be enjoyed in a fun and safe environment. However, if for any unexpected reason someone gets injured, Knight Kickboxing are fully trained and qualified in emergency first aid for kickboxing. We are certified by the British Red Cross centre in Brighton and Hove.

Children’s Kickboxing Classes in Brighton

Children starting up a martial art like kickboxing is great for many reasons. They will not only exert plenty of energy, but they will have amazing fun while making friends too. kickboxing is also perfect for teaching your children coordination as well as listening skills and keeping them fit and healthy too.

Our classes are designed to be fun-filled play but cleverly incorporate key elements from kickboxing. From footwork and coordination to balance and striking, your child will learn a wide variety of new skills important to their physical and emotional well-being. Also, research has shown that children learning martial arts can also prevent them from bullying. Read our article ‘Beating the bully with martial arts’ here.

Each kickboxing class for kids are specifically designed for the age group in the class. This is because each age group will focus better and adapt with different activities.

Little Ninjas

Our Little Ninja class are for ages 4-8 years and are for 45 minutes. This class is very fun right from the start, as even the warm up exercises include fun activities. We do lots of co-ordination drills, pads and group activities. Children also receive a sticker for the star of the week.

Kids kickboxing class

Our kids kickboxing classes are for ages 9-13 years. We make sure they have as much fun as possible, while being safe and learning the skills of kickboxing. The children’s kickboxing classes involve fun competitive games, padwork and striking techniques. The class duration is 45 minutes.


Personal 1-2-1 Kickboxing Sessions

If your child is very keen to learn more in depth kickboxing techniques or to progress quicker, our 1-2-1 personal training sessions are a perfect way to get them to improve quickly and reach their personal goals!

Our black belt instructors will tailor each class to suit the individual depending on what their aspirations are.

Cost: Half hour session £20. Hour session £35.

How much do Kickboxing classes cost?

Your first initial trial class is completely FREE. Then if you would like to continue training and join our club you will need a Knight kickboxing membership and insurance which costs £30 for adults and £20 for children per year. You can choose to pay for each class as ‘pay as you go’ for £7 per class or as a monthly subscription package which are more cost effective.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

For your first initial trial class all your need is to wear loose clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. After that you will need some boxing gloves, hand wraps and kickboxing trousers.

Do I need to be fit before I start kickboxing?

This is a very popular question which gets asked a lot, were people are concerned about their own fitness before starting kickboxing. Even though kickboxing can be very intense, everyone can work at their own pace and our classes have a grading syllabus so they are designed to build up your fitness levels. The gradings will also be good to make sure your training with people at an equal level to yourself.

These kickboxing classes will be in the Brighton area and will launch in early 2021.

Daniel Knight’s History In Martial Arts

Daniel comes from a family of keen martial arts practitioners. He first started training in kickboxing when he was about 13 years old. His mum, who also trained in karate took him to a kickboxing club in Brighton. Daniel didn’t continue his training to a black belt through his teenage years, but growing up enjoying martial arts films, he had a calling to come back.

Nearly 10 years on, Daniel returned to the same kickboxing club and to make up for any lost time, he was training up to 5 times a week, every week. In 2011, Daniel graded for his black belt in full contact style kickboxing and had also competed at local events. Daniel wanted to further learn in other martial arts styles, so he attended Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) and K1 kickboxing style classes to understand the different styles and techniques.

As Daniel wanted to gain the best knowledge of the kickboxing styles, he travelled to various martial arts clubs for personal coaching and seminars from some of the best fighters in the world. Alan Keddle who is a former Muay Thai champion and Australian John Wayne Parr have both taught Daniel some special tricks to what has earned them such a successful career. Read our article training at the top Muay Thai clubs here.

It didn’t stop there for Daniel with martial arts, as the Sidekick brand exploded in to the world of MMA, Daniel thought it was only necessary to learn the discipline. So, Daniel hasn’t just learned a wealth of striking knowledge, but also grappling and chokes too. 

BJJ vs Kickboxing
Daniel Knight trained in MMA in Brighton under head of UFC Gym coach Tolly Plested.

If you live in the Brighton area and are interested in our kickboxing classes please join our Knight Kickboxing Facebook group here or contact us for further information: email

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