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Kickboxing equipment for beginners.

Have you just started kickboxing? Are you desperately looking for the right kickboxing equipment in the U.K but unable to find the perfect one for yourself?

If yes, then look no further and end your entire quest, we welcome you at Sidekick is the most outstanding and leading U.K kickboxing equipment brand.

Sidekick is the most phenomenal online marketplace that offers the widest range of top quality Kickboxing gear to the athletes at the most reasonable prices. Now, when the talk is about Kickboxing, it is a combination of different forms of martial arts based on punching and kicking.

Kickboxing is regarded as one of the best self-defense practices as well as the best combat sport and is becoming increasingly popular among kids and adults worldwide. On the other hand, with the growing popularity of kickboxing the needs of the best kickboxing equipment is mounting too. Thus, Sidekick has stepped in the arena and is committed to offer the largest selection of superior quality kickboxing equipment and accessories to the entire kickboxing practitioners.

What will I need to bring to my first kickboxing class?

It is always best to ring the club before arrival but on your first session or trial you may just need to have gym wear to go through some basics. After signing up you will need a decent pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps and kickboxing trousers or shorts.

As you progress you will need extra kickboxing equipment as you will need to the protection from sparring. This will include a gum shield, groin guard, Head guard and shin guards. Our online store of Sidekick houses everything you will need to get going from clothing, boxing gloves, fitness equipments, focus pads, head guards, foot guards, strike shields and speedballs for both men and women.

We even are specialized in offering superior quality kickboxing equipment for kids that include kickboxing training equipments, Kids Muay Thai Gloves, kickboxing shorts and boots Similarly, Sidekick is a renowned kickboxing equipment brand in the UK as we have served 10 years in the market.

Our products are designed so that the fighters can train harder and enhance their fighting skills. Just to narrow down your kickboxing and MMA equipments, we have divided our offerings into several categories.

You can check out our products with few clicks of your mouse and depending upon your requirements, you can shop the desired product from our store without wasting much of your time. Our foremost priority is the satisfaction of our customers and we strive hard to gratify their entire desires.

If you are looking for the highest quality kickboxing equipment then Sidekick is the one that can accommodate your requirements without costing you a small fortune.

Head over to and see what we have got for you.

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