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Kickboxing Equipment For Home

As going to kickboxing classes is different to going to a general fitness gym, the club may have a timetable for different levels of kickboxers which allows you to only go 2-3 times per week.

If you have really got into your kickboxing that you would like to start training at home but are wondering what kickboxing equipment for home to buy, their is lots of products and ways to put in the extra home work.

Non-equipment training


Kickboxing requires a high level of fitness and it is quite easy to start training like the pros, even at home, by simply going for a run around the block. Running regularly will dramatically improve your stamina and it will really show in the kickboxing class.

Shadow boxing

Their is other methods of training that you can do that doesn’t require any kickboxing equipment for home is shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is much more effective than a lot of people think. Shadow boxing in front of the mirror will improve you technique as you be able to rectify any flaws. It will also increase you hand speed and footwork.

Press ups

Press ups are a fantastic way to get stronger in the chest and arms and you can do a variety of ways like short and wide grip to target different muscles groups.


Before any exercise and after it is important to stretch your muscles to increase the blood flow to the muscles. Also if you are looking to do those high kicks the extra stretching at home will pay off.

What kickboxing equipment can I use at home?

Boxing gloves

Their is lots of training and drills you can do at home with your boxing gloves but we strongly recommend no sparring or contact is done at home. It is important to only do this under your coaches supervision.

Focus pads and Muay Thai kick pads

Have you been really impressed with what you have learnt in class that you can’t wait to show your partner on the kickboxing pads at home?

Having focus pads or Thai kick pads at home is a very effective way to practice what you have been learning in class. However, it does require another person to hold the pads for you and also, they do need to have experience or confidence in holding them for you.

Punch bag

A punch bag at home is fantastic for many reasons and you can train on your own. On the punch bag you can practise your technique, speed blast punches for fitness or simply go for power. Before purchasing a punch bag make sure you have an adequate beam or joist to bolt it too.

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