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Their is one thing for certain during these difficult times, that some form of normality cannot come soon enough.

The days of busy kickboxing clubs, packed out fight shows and every fight enthusiast networking on social media has all become a distant memory.

All we can do is ride out the lockdown and we are certain that the fight scene will be back to normal, if not, better than ever.

It is very sad to see the martial arts clubs remain closed for such a long time, but it is the potential lives it is saving is what is most important.

We hope the clubs and schools are getting the support from the government they need to see them through as martial arts gives such a positive impact on our lives in many ways.

It is not just the clubs and schools that have been affected, it is pretty much everyone. It is the changes we make and adapt during the lockdown is key.

We have many friends in the martial arts industry and what has been amazing to see, is the positivity from the club owners, coaches, promoters and fighters.

Martial arts really does empower people!

Their are many of coaches that probably couldn’t of imagined the day they would be taking their classes online with Zoom, especially if the day their club opened, the internet was non-existent.

What is a Zoom kickboxing class?

A Zoom kickboxing class is when the coach still takes a class held at the gym but it is live online using videos and web cams for members to be able to train at home.

As the clubs are closed, some owners have taken this opportunity to make their clubs even better by using the time to open up a bigger club or even a martial arts super centre.

This would be an amazing way to welcome their students back.

When will lockdown end?

That is the million dollar question but at this moment in time it is hard to answer.

The only advise we can offer is to use this extra time we have valuably. So as soon as lockdown lifts you are ready to continue your career. If you are a fighter, training maybe limited without sparring, but try to keep training and staying fit as much as possible.

Stay safe, stay positive and we will see you all soon!


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