Welsh stunner and Pain Pit ring girl Kristie Raby has come onboard the SideKick train. After establishing herself as one of the top competitive chearleaders in the UK with 11 years of service, Kirstie has now joined up with one of the top Kickboxing apparel companies in Europe.

It’s an obvious choice for Kristie who describes herself as bubbly, motivated and with a lot of drive. She also told us `I’m always looking to try new things and challenge myself mentally and physically. I’m a former professional cheerleader so I fell naturally into BJJ and I absolutely love the physicality of the sport. Female Fighters like Rousey inspire me. She is such a role model to other women who are or want to be involved in the sport. My coaches and team mates also inspire me. They keep me motivated when training gets tough and the sense of community and family between us is something money can’t buy. It feels great to represent a brand like Sidekick, especially when the brand has good quality training products like it does. I’m looking forward to wearing and promoting their fighting products at the next few BJJ competitions I have coming up this year.

Welcome to the Sidekick family Kristie!