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Do Martial Artists Really Not Need The Covid-19 Vaccine?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you will have heard of the global virus Covid-19.

According to the government’s statistics, the death rates were rapidly rising as they hit the U.K. This was a virus that no one wanted to catch. As time has passed, we all have got our own experiences and opinions of the virus.

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Catching Covid

Let’s face it until we catch it ourselves, and it leaves us in a bad way, we probably would have a different opinion of it. After all, health is wealth. Initially, the government wanted us to be as safe as possible to help protect the vulnerable and to stop the NHS from being inundated with patients.

However, all ages were catching Covid-19, and many appeared to be okay, without showing any signs, but others could end up in hospital on a respirator. We have never been through something like this before, and it gave the government a tricky task to do what was best for the people.

After Lockdown

A couple of lockdowns later, and nothing was improving this dreaded virus. The thought of a vaccine was the perfect solution to make everyone feel safe and go back to everyday life. The scientists had worked extremely hard to produce the antidote for this contagious virus.

However, when it came to be available to the public, not everyone rushed to get the vaccination, and people started to have their views on Covid-19. This is certainly no conspiracy, but it’s the severity that didn’t seem dangerous, and the scaremongering media has given people a different opinion.

Although there are many different opinions on the covid vaccination, one thing remains the same in the martial arts community: can we continue our regime during this pandemic and the vaccination help?

Martial Arts & Covid: Keeping Healthy & Fit

We are part of the martial arts community, and we have regularly seen on social media that many martial artists are not choosing to have the vaccine, but why? Are they naive, or do they not need the vaccine?

After 18 months of a pandemic, many martial artists believe that the virus is not as severe as it was first thought. Many martial artists are gym owners, too and felt the lockdown was doing more harm than good in many ways to these business owners.

Financially, it was damaging businesses and affecting people’s mental health, as fitness is a crucial part of people’s wellbeing. According to statistics, there have been 4.2 million positive cases in England alone, and with a population of around 56 million, it shows that approximately 1 in 13 has had it.

That has made many feel, the chances all we have all have been in contact with Covid-19. So, these martial artists who train most days may think they are too fit and healthy to need a vaccine.

One fighter took to Facebook to say: “For younger healthy people that aren’t at risk from Covid, suffer only flu-like symptoms and have a 99.9% chance of recovery, this vaccine is not worth the risk.

Vaccinate the elderly and those at risk if they want it. Don’t scare people into getting it or make it mandatory before its long term effects are known and more information about it is gathered. It doesn’t even stop you from getting the virus or spreading it.”

The only thing I know for 100% is waiting for more time to pass before you inject yourself with this experiment is the safest bet. Like anything in life, the only fact is – time will tell.

I respect everyone’s opinions and choices; once again, I am not anti-vaccination. I’m an anti-experimental vaccination that censors any information and statistics against it.

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Why do martial artists feel the need not to have the vaccine?

In reality, individuals should decide the vaccine to make by themselves and what is best for them.

By having the vaccine, it is said you can still catch Covid-19 and transmit it. However, if seen, it is meant not to be as severe. On the downside, you would more than likely need to have booster jabs yearly, and no one is certain if this vaccine has any long term side effects.

The other thing is new variants keep coming; there is a possibility of needing different vaccines for each variant. If you choose not to have it, you are hoping not to catch it, and if you do, your immune system will fight it off.

You may have already had Covid-19 without knowing, so your body could have the antibodies all ready to fight it.

Another Gym Owner has their Perspective on Covid below:

To be VERY clear: I am not FOR or AGAINST jabs. I am PRO HEALTH.

Whichever works best.

I try to separate the political angle from the medical and legal/Human rights.

Taking away people’s freedoms and not addressing the other health issues are failings of our health system and education system.

Health cannot be optimal without our bodies’ natural building blocks.

Are you doing ALL of the following?

????Sleeping perfectly, and at least 8-hours a night?

????Hydrating with pure water and plenty of minerals?

????????‍♂️Exercising & frequently moving every single day?

????Eating NATURAL, unprocessed food (grass-fed meat & organic veg)?

☀️Getting plenty of natural light or optimising your natural vitamin D levels?

????‍????‍????Spending plenty of time with loved ones?

????????‍♂️De-Stressing or meditating frequently?

Obesity is one of the high-risk groups for the majority of issues

I use Macdonald’s as an example of poor nutrition, overeating and poor eating choices. I wouldn’t put that inside my body or rely on the jab.

Suppose you choose to get the jab for your reasons. That’s fair enough. No judgement. I’m just trying to bring the focus back on health, rather than ???? ????…

Live clean

Live healthily

Make sure your own house is in order before relying on Uncle Pharma.

Why the Vaccination is a Good Idea

Above, we have listed some of the reasons why some martial artists may think that vaccination is; ‘t the best idea for dealing with the pandemic, but below, we will list a few of how vaccination is a good idea for all of us.

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) suggests that covid vaccinations are safe because they have been developed with science that we have been using for decades to build our other vaccinations.

Although many believe that these vaccinations are still in an experimental stage, they are, in fact, not. All covid vaccinations, where Pfizer, Moderna or any other type, have been through all of the cynical trials necessary to make a vaccination suitable for the public. This means that extensive testing and monitoring have shown that these vaccines are safe and effective.

The vaccinations have also been shown to be empirically adequate. Although there are different strains of the virus, the vaccinations we currently have are a preventative measure against the most prolific strain of covid, helping vaccinated individuals get seriously ill even if they can contract combined.

Covid & Staying Fit & Healthy

No matter how you stand on covid and vaccinations, it is clear that staying fit and healthy will help not only to alleviate symptoms (if you are unlucky enough to catch covid) but also help your mental health throughout this outbreak too.

Keeping fit and healthy can enhance your mood and energy levels which will help you to reduce your stress levels as well as anxiety and depression too.

Covid symptom study suggests that:

“Exercise has a significant effect on the immune system – it’s a fact we have known for decades[…]Multiple studies have now linked moderate exercise with decreased rates of influenza, pneumonia, and other infections, as well as chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Staying active supports your immune system in a variety of ways, including reducing inflammation, increasing the presence of innate immune cells, and positively affecting your gut microbiome, all of which support your body’s defence mechanisms.”

This means that regular exercise and keeping healthy has empirically been shown to improve your immunity to certain diseases and ailments, including severe symptoms of Covid-19.

However, remaining fit and healthy isn’t a cure for covid. Older people and many younger people with existing health conditions can still become critically ill with COVID-19, which means that staying fit and healthy isn’t the ultimate protection against catching the disease.

However, the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) has suggested those in a ‘vulnerable high-risk group’ – should be taking exercise “so that if they catch the virus, they are less likely to need intensive care”. So, although exercising may not be a ‘cure all’ for covid, it can certainly help alleviate symptoms, even for higher-risk groups.

The consensus for staying fit to fight against covid is:

  • Exercise is a great way to support your immune system and mental health
  • Workouts don’t need to belong or be intense to be effective
  • Walking, cycling and running are great outdoor options if available
  • If you can’t go out, there’s a vast range of home workout resources to suit every age and ability


By the 26th of April 2021, gyms and leisure facilities can reopen to the public, which has helped many fitness enthusiasts keep fit and healthy again.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments on our Facebook post here.

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