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Online Boxing Training Courses: Do They Work?

As we have moved in to a digital era, online boxing training courses are becoming a popular way of training as they offer a convenient way to fit in with our busy lifestyles. However, since when the lockdown started, more and more coaches have taken their boxing and kickboxing lessons online or even selling boxing courses on DVD and to download.

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But, is this a great way to start boxing or would the curriculum not quite be the same?

Many years ago, if you wanted to learn boxing, kickboxing or other martial arts you had to go and be taught in the dojo by a qualified sensei as video channels like YouTube wasn’t around until the 2000’s, so not much was available online to learn.

Various martial artists have sold DVD’s in the past on how to learn Karate ‘From beginner to black belt’ but they haven’t been as popular to people wanting to do it at the club themselves. Originally, teaching martial arts was kept quite secret as a sensei would only want their members to learn their skills as they wouldn’t want a life time of learning and training to be available to anyone.

Nowadays, everything has changed as nearly every club share their class training videos on social media to get plenty of exposure as this is one of the most effective ways of advertising. If a club doesn’t do it their club might fade away.

When lockdown started coaches wanted to keep their clubs going and active fighters still wanted to train, so they took their classes to Zoom which made online classes easily accessible. This was a great way for people to still train and it was as close as you would get to being in a class with your coach to watch how you are doing. This type of online training has now progressed further as it has inspired coaches and instructors to make boxing courses available to buy online.

But, would you learn boxing the same from an online course?

That really depends on your current skill, dedication and concentration levels, as both training in a class or online at home are very positive ways to train, it is generally down to the individual to which they prefer or suits them. We have gone through the pros and cons of them both below.

Training at home vs training at a club

The main thing to consider whether to choose online training courses or training in the dojo is what is the level of knowledge of the instructor, as many people looking to make a source of income, you want to be sure the course is from a reputable coach. There are many different programs available online to buy like ‘How to kick’, ‘The best Muay Thai drills’ but depending what you are looking to achieve, it won’t beat the real thing of being in a dojo.

Training at home


  • Convenient – You can train at anytime and fit it around your own schedule.
  • Cheaper – It could work out more cost effective than monthly gym costs.
  • Online support – The course provider can help with any training issues.
  • Confidence – If you are not confident in a busy class.


  • Quality of learning – You may not get the best source of training.
  • Contact and sparring – You won’t have the experience in sparring which is essential for a fighter.
  • Feedback – A coach will not be able to give you are guidance on ways to improve.
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Training at a club


  • Quality training – You will get a very high level of training with the correct equipment.
  • Structured classes – A club with have classes for novices and progress to advanced fighters.
  • Sparring – You will be able to practice both attacking and defence against a partner.
  • Coach – Your coach will be able to guide you on how you can improve.
  • Space – A club will have plenty of room so nothing will be restricted.
  • Friends – You will meet new people


  • Travelling – You will have to travel to your nearest club.
  • Timetable – You can only attend classes from a set timetable.
  • Costs- It can get costly buying new equipment and if you train regularly.

Training at the club you will get a higher level of training as you are in the proper environment with all the necessary equipment to train with. Also, your coach can watch you closely, helping you improve of any flaws in your technique or recommend suggestions to suit your style. They may focus on improving on certain areas in your strengths and weaknesses.

So, Is training at home a bad idea?

Not at all.

Training at home is a very fun way to learn a martial art and you can train exactly when it suits you. It is very cost effective and your learning could be endless as you can train as much as you like. Also, If you do train at a club you can use online classes for extra tutiton.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier that it all depends on your goals whether you should choose to start an online training courses or attend a club. If you are happy to learn martial arts at home for a bit of fun or fitness than it is perfect, but if you are looking to really take it seriously and even maybe compete, then looking for the best boxing or martial arts club near you would suit you best.

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