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Sidekick Boxing Gloves Are Made For Fighters

When people start a martial arts or combat sport, they wonder if beginners’ combat sports equipment is the same as equipment made for fighters. Generally, all the equipment used throughout all levels is the same. However, the quality of beginner combat sports equipment is much different from equipment made for fighters.

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Which Beginner Boxing Gloves are Perfect for Beginner Fighters?

It is recommended, and ideal for beginners, to use more cost-effective equipment, as top of the range merchandise can be very pricey. Fighters may have up to three pairs of boxing gloves, and they mostly use the highest grade of leather materials, so their equipment is long-lasting. 10oz bag gloves (Velcro closure).

These boxing gloves will be for pad and bag work. The smaller size of the glove will allow easier work of hands, faster and powerful. A fighter will also have 16oz sparring gloves. These gloves will have excellent padding to ensure the safety of others while sparring. The third pair of boxing gloves is 10oz fight gloves (Lace up).

When a fighter is leading up to a fight, they may use their lace-up design to simulate the same style of gloves in their fight, so they are familiar with them. Some fighters may even get their equipment custom made to suit them personally.

Choosing the Right Boxing Glove Size

Ensuring that a fighter’s glove fits perfectly is essential to making sure the fighter is at peak performance as well as comfortable too.

Although many boxing gloves are available in a universal size (although there are adult and child sizes), they usually differ in their weight- as detailed above- as well as their hardness. Fighters must ensure that their glove does not slip off their hand as well as not to compress their hands too much.

Many fighters choose to wear wraps on their hands in order to add that extra level of comfort in order to make the glove feel like it was made for fighters. Wraps also help boxing gloves to protect the knuckles, wrist and thumb which can not only protect the hands of the fighter, but can also protect the glove from sweat too.

The Perfect Weight of a Boxing Glove

Always measured in ounces, boxing gloves come in a variety of different weights. To ensure that the glove is made for fighters, the correct weight must be carefully chosen. Juniors and women usually have gloves which weigh up to 10oz, whereas heavier weights can range between 14 and 16oz in total. However, many of the heavier weights are kept primarily for heavy bag training and sparring.

Legends Boxing suggests that:

‘Training gloves can be used for all types of boxing training to include sparring in a matchroom and hitting bags ringside. The bigger the glove you use, the more padding you will get. This means that the larger gloves will offer your hands more protection. Furthermore, training with a larger padded boxing glove will help beginners to become more accustomed to the weight, therefore their hands will be faster when switching to smaller sized gloves during competition.’


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Which Boxing Glove Material is Made for Fighters?

Boxing gloves can be made from either synthetic or real leather.Real leather boxing glove are very durable, although they can be a bit expensive- at least in comparison to faux leather. However, faux leather gloves can crack and not last as long as real leather gloves.

In one of our previous blog post, ‘LEATHER VS FAUX LEATHER: WHICH IS BETTER FOR BOXING GLOVES?’ we suggested that:

With animal leather, each hide is genuinely unique. Cowhide leather often has individual characteristics which feature distinctive looks. However, faux leather is uniform as it is constructed synthetically.

With boxing gloves, cowhide leather can be more comfortable as it is highly durable as well as offering flexibility and control of odours and moisture too.’

For more information about faux vs real leather gloves, please check out our blog post here:

Sidekick Boxing Gloves: Made for Fighters?

Sidekick boxing gloves are perfectly made for fighters. With their durable and high-quality material as well as a detailed design, Sidekick boxing gloves feature a superior velcro fastening and are made from the highest grade of genuine leather. They are available in a wide variety of sizes- 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.Check out our full range here:

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