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When I first started kickboxing, it was just a hobby to begin with. I began purely to get myself fitter as well as to test and challenge myself with a contact sport known to increase not only strength, but confidence and coordination too.
I never thought that kickboxing would become my life.

After losing my Auntie to cancer, as well as losing my job, kickboxing became such a prominent part of my life that the sport gave me the strength and determination to pull through all these hard times. So, as my passion for kickboxing grew, I felt like I owed something to the sport for giving so much back to me, that’s why I started to develop a business in the sport.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

In 2010, I started Sidekick with the aim to be a national brand of kickboxing equipment. In order to complete this mammoth task, I started to look at my competitors as well as the leading sellers to beat. By doing this, I was able to develop my brand and consider the advantages which Sidekick had over other businesses.
The brand went from strength to strength, eventually leading to us sponsoring many world champions and leading shows. Sidekick was even sponsoring fighters internationally, which meant that no only had I fulfilled my original aim to be a national brand of kickboxing equipment, but I has surpassed it and become internationally known too.

As a result of this, Sidekick began to have an increasing demand for our products. This meant that I worked around the clock in order fulfill our customer demands. There were even times when I worked past 2AM so that I could get my customers the products they had ordered on time. I believe that in all my years in Sidekick, I have never let anyone down as a result of my passion and determination for the sport and my business. I am, and always have been, a man of my word and I feel that resolve is what has kept my strongly grounded in the sport.

Yet, even with all the success that Sidekick has seen in recent years, there have also been many challenges in which I have had to overcome. A few years ago, I felt like I had lost my mojo and that my heart wasn’t quite as passionate about the business as it once used to be due to starting other businesses and it was difficult to spread my time with them all. With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock ready and waiting for the customers, the main man of the company wasn’t driving it. I felt like the challenge was too much to overcome so I was so close last year to throwing it all away.

However, with the unconditional support of my wife and my family, I found my way back to the business, the sport, and most of all, myself. I realised that in order to recreate the success I once had, I needed to rejuvenate Sidekick with a completely new look as well as a fresh start, which is exactly what I did.

We are now less than 6 months into our relaunch and the success that we have now seen is astonishing. The sport and the business are now flourishing, and I feel like I have worked hard to overcome the challenges which tested me only a few months ago. It is as a result of the many good friends I have made in the sport that I keep going as it is an absolute pleasure to say that I have helped them in any way.

It goes a long way to show how much people appreciate how much Sidekick has done to help the fighters as well as to promote the sport itself too.
Although starting a brand is one of the most challenging tasks you could do, it is such a pleasure to say that:

Sidekick is back!

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