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Thank You To Our 22k Facebook Fans

When we first launched Sidekick Boxing back in 2010, we set up our Facebook page right away as we were really excited to get our very first Sidekick fan.

We always dreamed of becoming one of the leading brands of kickboxing equipment, but now it has become a reality as we now have over 22,000 Facebook fans as well as other social media accounts.

Being a combat sports brand is more to us than just selling a high quality kickboxing product to a consumer, we want to be part of the martial arts community.

We are really overwhelmed with the support we have had over the years that we couldn’t be more grateful.

We have worked with many fighters, promoters, photographers and fitness models and it has been great to see our logo on a wide variety of different images and videos on Facebook.

It is also nice to see people post pictures, videos and engage with our brand as we can communicate with them. Also, if you are a fighter, we may not yet of seen you, so it maybe a chance we could work together. That is how we first got working with Andrew Tate, he simply just commented on one of our posts.

We always make sure we keep all of our fans upto date with the latest products, offers and competitions. We also post regular fun engaging posts as being a combat sport company, we want to post more than just fighting.

We would like to thank each and everyone that has helped us along the way and let’s keep on growing and maybe one day reach 100,000 fans.

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