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The 2021 lockdown workout

It can be quite frustrating not being able to go to your regular kickboxing or boxing class, especially if you have made some new years fitness resolutions you want to stick to.

The most important part of kickboxing and boxing is the fitness. We have all been there, we’re you are so exhausted, your hands have dropped to your waist and any skill just goes out the window.

So maintaining your fitness can be easier than you think during this pandemic and as soon as your back in the kickboxing dojo or boxing club, everyone will be wondering how you have turned up super fit.

Here is our little guide to get you fighting fit.


Suprising enough, if you are not used to running, it is harder than you think.

The best thing to do for running is to start off with small goals, and if you run everyday you will eventually just keep on going.

A little trick is to run round the block in laps. We think this is a better way to keep you focused as you will always have check points to aim for.

Running in a constant line like along the seafront is still very good but you may find you are a little optimistic with your goals, which can be a bit deflating.

There are many apps to download on your phone or sports watches available so you can keep track of your records.

Press ups

This is a fantastic upper body workout, that works your chest and triceps and doesn’t require any equipment. Doing press ups regularly will give you more strength which will help with more powerful punches. Also, you will be more conditioned to throw snappier punches.

Chin ups

For around £10 you can get yourself a chin up bar that will give you great strength and physique. Chin ups are harder than the press up as you are lifting your full body weight as your feet are off the ground and it works the bicep and back muscles.

Cooling down

It is always important to cool down with any exercise. You can cool down by doing some light stretches and shadow boxing.

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