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The Complete Guide To Kickboxing For Kids

Although you may think that kickboxing isn’t a sport suitable for kids, however if your child is full of energy kickboxing is perfect for teaching your children coordination as well as listening skills and keeping them fit and healthy too.

Many kickboxing classes for kids are specifically designed for the age group in the class. This is because some kickboxing clubs start training for children as young as four which means that classes are adapted for a wide variety of age groups and abilities.

These classes specifically designed for kids may be called the tots, cadets or little ninja classes. They are designed to be fun-filled play but cleverly incorporate key elements from kickboxing. From footwork and coordination to balance and striking, your child will learn a wide variety of new skills important to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Many kickboxing clubs will have a grading syllabus that will ensure that your child has something to focus on. Not only that, but the sense of achievement that children receive when moving up a grade is an exciting way of teaching them endurance and dedication.

Kickboxing is definitely a sport your child will not grow bored of as many kickboxing kids will be practising the moves at home, just make sure you have the correct kickboxing equipment for children like focus pads and boxing gloves!

What are the benefits from children going kickboxing?

There are so many different benefits to starting your child kickboxing. Below are just a few of the key ones we have come up with:

1.Your child will make new friends.

2. It will help boost confidence.

3. Individual sports like kickboxing is said to help children with conditions like ADHD and autism, as it will improve their concentration by learning the kickboxing techniques while releasing some extra energy.

4. Learning self-defense.

5. Improving physical health.

6. Getting rid of excess energy.

7. It’s fun!

How old does a child need to be to start fighting in kickboxing?

The IKF allow children to compete and fight in kickboxing fights from 8 years old. However, this doesn’t mean your child has to fight just because they are already kickboxing. It is the child’s and parents choice to decide if they would like to fight and whether or not they are ready.

A child’s kickboxing fight have shorter rounds which are only 1.5 minutes. The children’s kickboxing equipment must also be approved and a protective chest guard is a must in children’s Muay Thai.

What kickboxing equipment does my child need?

Before you introduce your child into the wonderful world of kickboxing, there are a few different types of equipment that you will need to have in order to ensure that they will be protected and safe whilst trying out their new hobby.

Kids Kickboxing Sets

One of the easiest ways to quickly and easily purchase equipment for your child’s kickboxing hobby is by getting a kickboxing set. Full kickboxing sets for kids are a cost-effective way of getting all the equipment you will need all together in one handy pack.

These sets usually include matching boxing gloves, shin guards, head guard and shorts too. However, our sets have a wide variety of options available like some of the ones featured below. However, if you’re wanting to buy individually, make sure you buy these essential items below.

Kids Boxing Gloves

Investing in a pair of quality children’s boxing gloves is a great decision, not only to keep your child, and other children, safe, but they will also last a long time too.

4oz gloves are perfect for toddlers and children up until six years old and 6oz gloves are great for approximately 6-11 years.

Boxing gloves can also be used in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai too, so even if your child wants to move into different sports, these gloves can be used in a variety of sports.

Kids Kickboxing Shin Guards

These are very important investments for your child. Getting high-quality shin guards is vital to ensuring your child is safe during their sparring sessions and will build their confidence in the sport too. Providing protection for the full shin and even the foot area, shin guards will prevent painful kicks to the shin (and they look cool too!).

Kids Head Guard

Although many clubs don’t advise sparring with head contact with children under twelve, light contact can be used and it is always advisable to use a head guard and a gum shield too.

Head guards are perhaps the most important piece of equipment your child should wear during kickboxing so it is vital that you get a high-quality guard.

Designs like the one below are perfect for protecting your child as they are extra-padded and will protect your child during sparring sessions from any accidents.

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