Sidekick Boxing

The Original Sidekick Boxing Gloves

Wondered what our very first glove looks like? Here it is, the very first Sidekick boxing gloves. Although these gloves don’t have the official logo, they were the first glove we produced while still in our testing phase. This was while the company was very early in designing our logo, glove designs and everything else that goes with producing the quality that we do.

Before we put our boxing gloves on the market it went through vigorous testing and review by a lot of methods and appropriate people such as coaches, fighters and martial arts enthusiasts.

The First Ever Sidekick Boxing Gloves

Sidekick have came a long way but one thing that has not left us from the beginning is our quality and determination to provide the best kickboxing equipment that we possibly can. One mans enthusiasm and passion for the combat sports has evolved what started as a pipe dream into something much more, the leading company in the UK for kickboxing equipment,


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