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Top 6 Questions Everyone Should Know About Kickboxing.

If you have recently started kickboxing or been watching kickboxing fights, their may be questions you would like to know the answers too. Daniel Knight, owner and founder of Sidekick Boxing, takes us through some of his top questions he regularly gets asked about kickboxing and how to get into the sport.

Kickboxing is a very physical sport which is very demanding so it may not be for everyone. However, their is many styles of kickboxing and training to cater for most people, or you could just enjoy it as a spectator fan.

Here are the questions which regularly get asked in kickboxing:

1. Is kickboxing better than boxing?

“This question is always debated among boxers and kickboxers. For me, it’s a tricky one to answer and I’m sitting on the fence.

They both are just as good in their own way. Most of my training has been in kickboxing so you would think that would be my preferred choice, however I found I was better with my hands than I am my feet.

If you are not sure which one to choose, it could be a similar theory to the gym guys. Some like to skip leg day and avoid it like the plague. So if you feel like that about kicking, boxing would be more up your street.

Kickboxing is more complex in the fact there is more to learn as you have to learn how to both punch and kick and incorporate them together in combinations. Boxing being just hands you may find their punches being more polished but it all boils down to preference.

As both boxing and kickboxing have very similar styles in regards to foot work and stance, you could easily transition to the other if you change your mind.”

2. Is kickboxing a good workout?

“I don’t think you can beat it to be honest because not only you will get fitter, you will also get stronger. It’s a full body workout which uses muscles a lot of other exercises may not target and you can make it as intense as you like. I believe that you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, especially when sparring.”

3. How do I get started with kickboxing?

“It is always good to do a local Google search and research the club itself. The experience from coaches and level of curriculum can vary a lot from club to club so you would want to know you’re getting the best training. Their is also many types of kickboxing classes, whether that be for grading, circuit fitness class, sparring or even women’s only kickboxing, so you can choose the club that suits you best. Then simply, phone up and book your first trial session.”

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4. What equipment do I need for kickboxing and/or boxing?

“There are a lot of products for kickboxing and they all play a vital role in your protection, but depending on your current level you may only need a few.

As a beginner, you will need just a pair of boxing hand wraps, a decent pair of boxing gloves and satin kickboxing trousers or boxing shorts for boxing.

As you progress you will need to add shin guards, head guard, gum shield and a groin guard. This is for when you start to practice block and counters and then going on to sparring.”

5. What do I need to know as a beginner kickboxer?

“Any knowledge or experience will definitely help you but your club should run beginner or novice classes so they can run through the basics.

Everyone wants to learn the spinning jumping kicks like you see in the movies, but no matter how good you are, these basics are the most important in the sport.

A good jab is vital to set up your combinations and a powerful jab will make your opponent cautious when going in for an attack.”

6. What is it like to have worked with celebrities?

“Over the years I have worked with and met quite a few.

To be honest they are just normal people really. I met Dizzee Rascal in Keddles gym in Orpington as he loved his Thai boxing.

It has been more of a surprise at home when my wife says ‘who was that on the phone’ and I reply ‘oh that was the MMA fighter Alex Reid’ or “That was Lockie from Towie’”

Lockie sporting our graffiti line of equipment.

Good luck in your kickboxing journey and you never know, you could be our next sponsored fighter!

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