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Ultimate X Boxing Gloves: From 2010 to 2020

Since Sidekick was founded in 2010, we have become pioneers in developing  high-quality kickboxing equipment. At Sidekick, we don’t settle for second best and we have now become a well established brand for kickboxing-equipment in the U.K.

One of our best types of boxing gloves are our Ultimate boxing gloves. The first model of these gloves were released 9 years ago and became a huge success. These high-quality gloves then quickly became the flagship of our boxing gloves as they feature a unique double wrist strap for a secure hold on wrists.

Double wrist strap for ultimate wrist protection.

Our Ultimate, Ultimate 2.0 and Ultimate 3.0 boxing gloves have gained a great reputation over the years and have even been endorsed by knockout artists like kickboxing world champion Andrew King Cobra Tate.

Perfect stitching and attention to detail.

All our Ultimate boxing gloves are only made from the highest-quality cowhide leather. These brilliant gloves were available in grey and white colour schemes featuring our original Sidekick logo.

Ultimate X Boxing Gloves - Blue

After 10 years in business, we have decided to commemorate our achievements by creating the Ultimate X boxing gloves. A celebration of a decade in business, the latest design of the Ultimate boxing glove is as renowned as their ancestors, with UK ranked no1 kickboxer William Goldie-Galloway, pro boxer Anth Ornsby and Muay Thai promoter Kyle Greaves using them.

Our Ultimate X boxing gloves are available in a range of sizes so they can be used for all kinds of training, from bag work to sparring. The Ultimate X are made from a very high grade of cowhide leather and are finished in a stunning blue and gold combination.

You have the ease of a velcro closure to put on and off and a mesh palm for air flow and cooling of the hands. Our unique high density foam is designed for maximum comfort and fit. The Ultimate X boxing gloves offer unrivalled durability and quality, shown in our choice of superior materials and well thought-out craftsmanship.

The Ultimate X boxing gloves are made for those who are true enthusiasts of their sport.

Available in sizes 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.


Make sure to keep an eye out for the Ultimate 4.0 boxing gloves in the near future.

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