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What are the best Muay Thai gloves?

Choosing the best pair of Muay Thai gloves can be very frustrating with all the different fancy designs and vibrant colours on the market to choose from.

It also can be quite daunting when you look online and you are not 100% sure what actually are Muay Thai gloves and if their is a difference from other gloves.

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So, what are Muay Thai gloves?

This can come down to two factors really. If they are manufactured in Thailand which is the home of Muay Thai, or they are boxing gloves suitable for the use of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a martial art which originated in Thailand. It is a form of kickboxing fought in a boxing ring but you are also allowed to strike with elbows and knees. This is why it is named ‘The art of the eight limbs’

In this article we will guide you through everything you need to know about Muay Thai gloves as we have a wealth of knowledge in the Muay Thai industry as Sidekick was formed and evolved from a Muay Thai equipment distributor in the UK.

Muay Thai gloves are pretty much the same as boxing gloves but they do have a few differences. Most Muay Thai enthusiasts tend to choose a Thai brand of gloves because it gives that more authentic feel while training.

One of the main differences between Muay Thai and boxing gloves are the designs. Muay Thai gloves are very distinctive with their bright colour designs and creative artwork print.

The other main character difference is they tend to be a bit more squarer or look bulkier, whereas boxing gloves are generally a bit more slimline. However, the way Muay Thai and boxing gloves are measured is by their weight, so they should be the same size overall.

Also, in Muay Thai you can clinch your opponent so the gloves need to be flexible enough to do so.

Muay Thai gloves are usually made in a high grade of leather material as the punishment they go through, synthetic gloves will not last as long.

The quality should always be your main priority when purchasing a new pair of Muay Thai gloves. You want to know that your investment will be worthwhile and your happy with your gloves for a long time. It is better to spend more in the beginning if it means they will last longer and live up to their price tag.

It is important to get the best value Muay Thai gloves for your budget. Don’t worry if you can’t spend too much on Muay Thai gloves, no matter your budget you should be able to find a decent pair of boxing gloves.

You don’t always necessarily have to choose the leading brands of Muay Thai because even If you have a lower budget, the more affordable brands can still provide excellent quality products. You will just need to choose your boxing gloves a bit more carefully. The last thing you want to do is have to buy another pair of gloves after only a few months of using them.

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What type of Muay Thai gloves do I need?

Their is generally only two styles of Muay Thai gloves. You can either get a velcro or lace up.

Velcro gloves are the most commonly used gloves across all types of training. This is simply because the velcro closure design is very user friendly as they are easy to put and and take off.

In a Muay Thai class you will need to take off your gloves between rounds to change pad holders or just to have a drink of water, so doing it quite quickly is necessary to keep the flow of the class. Also, if your partner is using a buckle style of Muay Thai kick pads, they might want a hand removing them.

Lace up gloves are the traditional style of fight gloves. This style of gloves are tightened up by laces at the palm and tied up around the wrist, this ensure a customised perfect fit.

The only downside to lace up gloves is you need an extra pair of hands to help put them on and take off and this is the main reason you don’t see them to often in training class.

Our very own Sidekick Muay Thai gloves have been used by hundreds of different fighters in Muay Thai bouts in the UK as we sponsored the prestigious fight promotion Stand and Bang and we were the only Muay Thai gloves provider for this show.

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What size Muay Thai gloves do I need?

The size you need all depends on your size and the purpose of the gloves. You may be wanting either training gloves, heavy bag gloves or Muay Thai sparring gloves. With every pair of gloves It is important to wrap your hands first before wearing Muay Thai gloves.

A lot of the Muay Thai brands start their gloves in a 4oz size, which is a toddlers size of Muay Thai glove. A 6oz glove is also a children’s glove but they are more suitable for ages 6-10 years.

8oz and 10oz Muay Thai gloves are usually the official weight of Muay Thai competition bouts. This size of glove is also a good size for training gloves for juniors, smaller size or petite women. Hitting the pads will feel good with this size as smaller size won’t affect your technique.

12oz gloves are a very good size to a training glove who would like that little extra weight to aid their training.

14oz and 16oz Muay Thai gloves are recommended sizes for sparring gloves as they have more padding for protection. These can be good for heavy bag work to.

For the heavier fighters or just harder hitters, 18oz Muay Thai gloves are available.

What are the Thai brands of Muay Thai gloves?

We do produce very high quality Muay Thai gloves similar to the traditional gloves which have been endorsed by many professional Muay Thai fighters. However, their are brands that manufacture in Thailand and also have a Thai heritage.

Here is a list of few of the most popular names in Thailand:

  • Twins Special
  • Fairtex
  • Top King

How much do Muay Thai gloves cost?

A good quality pair of leather Muay Thai gloves start at around £60 and go up to around £120. The traditional Thailand brands tend to use only genuine cowhide leather as it provides much more durability and that is why they can cost that bit more.

How long do Muay Thai gloves last?

That all depends on the quality of the gloves, how often they get used and how hard they get used will all determine the longevity of the Muay Thai gloves. A good quality pair of gloves you should expect to see at least a year out of them.

The print of the design on the gloves is usually the first part to wear. This is because the print is screened on the leather material and the constant movement of the leather material makes the print peel or crack.

That is why it is important not to just choose your Muay Thai gloves just based on aesthetics as this can be quite disappointing especially if you really liked the design. As long as their is no loose threads or tears, they still will be in great condition to use.

It is recommended to regularly check the padding over the knuckle area on your sparring gloves, this is because the padding is the protection for your sparring partner not to get injured.

You can read our full article about ‘How long should gloves last’ here.

Do I need other equipment with the Muay Thai gloves?

As you are already looking to purchase a pair of Muay Thai gloves, it may be the perfect time to get your Muay Thai shin guards and shorts too.

As mentioned earlier that Muay Thai gloves come in fancy colours and designs, so getting matching shin guards and shorts will not only look great but you will get a better price buying a Muay Thai package deal.

We have lots of really nice kids Muay Thai sets that are specifically designed for children. Head over to our store to see what we have available.

Here is a list of the equipment needed in Muay Thai:

  • Muay Thai gloves (Bag & sparring)
  • Muay Thai shin instep guards
  • Muay Thai shorts
  • Headguard
  • Groin guard
  • Hand wraps
  • Ankle supports and elbow pads (if needed)

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