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What are the different types of kickboxing shin guards?

If you have searched online to buy a pair of kickboxing shin guards, you may of noticed there is a variety of styles to choose from.

Whether you’ve been training for a while, or are just looking to purchase your first pair of kickboxing shin guards, you would of seen that the shin guard is one of the main pieces of equipment in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

If you are considering taking up a martial art such as kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA, we have a list of the different shin guards that are available on the market.

Also, when you are ready to start kickboxing sparring you will definitely need a well padded pair of shin guards to prevent any injury during training.

K1 Kickboxing Equipment

Generally, any type of kickboxing shin guard should be suitable to use for most of the styles. However, to maximize your training and not to stand out, it is best to use the correct type of kickboxing shin guard.

Here is a list of the different types of kickboxing shin guards and the style they are best used for:

  • Kickboxing foot guards – Full contact kickboxing/Karate/Taekwondo
  • Elastic shin guards – Full Contact kickboxing/ Junior K-1 and Muay Thai (With instep style)
  • Hybrid shin guards – MMA/Kickboxing
  • Leather shin instep guard – Muay Thai/K-1

Kickboxing foot pads

The kickboxing foot pads are a well padded shoe that has no sole. Originally designed for full contact karate and kickboxing as they are worn with satin trousers and a separate elastic shin guard.

The foot guards are made using similar materials and padding as in boxing gloves so your sparring partner is well protected as they are well padded over the toe area.

These foot pads are secured by two toe supports and strap underneath the foot. It is then fully locked with a long strap that wraps around the foot twice and then secured at the back of the foot by velcro.

Kickboxing Foot Guards

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Elastic shin guards

These type of shin guards are available either for protection of the shin or to both the shin and foot which is called an instep.

They are very comfortable and are easily put on like a sock. However, this type of shin guard is not the most protective as the padding is not as thick as other styles and only is on the front. The elasticated shin pads are the most cost effective to choose from.

Elasticated Black Kickboxing Shin Instep Guards

MMA / grappling hybrid shin guards

In MMA or grappling you need something quite slim line, supportive and not likely to move around when rolling on the mats. This style has the mix of a Muay Thai shin guard and elastic combined.

They slide on like the elastic shin guard with the neoprene back and have the protection on the front like a Muay Thai shin instep. These make great universal shin pads as you can use in kickboxing or Muay Thai classes too.

MMA Shin Insteps Guards

Muay Thai shin instep guards

Muay Thai shin instep guards are built for protection and are the most robust and heavy duty out of all the shin guards. Originally designed for Muay Thai, but now they are just as popular in K-1 kickboxing because of the level of protection they offer.

The Muay Thai shin guard is made to come up just to the knee but it should not come higher as it may restrict the mobility in the kicks.

In most cases they are made from cowhide leather and are made in two separate sections joined together for the shin and the instep, with thick straps around the back of the calf to secure them in place with velcro.

We have a wide variety of children’s Muay Thai shin insteps guards that can be purchased with kids boxing gloves as a complete kids Muay Thai set. The children’s style of shin guards are made from softer materials which is also suitable for kickboxing.

Muay Thai Shin Insteps

How long do kickboxing shin guards last?

That all depends on how frequent you use them and how you maintain your kickboxing shin guards.

What usually wears down first is the velcro as it loses its adhesion when it builds up with dirt, so it is important to clean that out thoroughly and spray the shin guards down with a  proper disinfectant spray. It is also good practice to always ensure the velcro is closed after cleaning. 

To ensure that your shin guards last a long time, make sure that you dry them off after training and not to leave them zipped up inside your kickboxing bag. 

If you are training regularly and you take good care of your shin guards you should expect to see 1 – 2 years out of them.

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