Sidekick Boxing

Where did the name Sidekick come from?

When we hear the word or phrase ‘Sidekick’, we naturally think of some superhero and his companion.

So, how did a kickboxing equipment company come up with their brand name Sidekick?

Back in 2010, the owner of Sidekick Boxing, Daniel Knight, originally was a distributor of Twins Special and Top King Muay Thai equipment called MuayUK with his father, Jim.

It wasn’t long before they realised the huge demand of these products, especially the Muay Thai gloves, that it was hard to get the stock shipped in quick enough.

Daniel, who was training in full contact kickboxing in Brighton for nearly 5 years, decided it would be more beneficial to invest in creating your own brand to have more control long term over the business.

Jim, who already had various businesses like local cafés, bars and seafood shops in Haywards Heath decided not to invest in the sport, leaving it solely up to Daniel.

However, both Daniel and Jim would always discuss business together and they tried to find a name for the new exciting kickboxing brand. Daniel was thinking of names related to the full contact kickboxing style and thought of the move, Sidekick.

Then, with another thought, he also realised it was also the meaning of a superhero companion, the companion being the fighters equipment. The name fit perfectly with the vision he had for the business.

The next part was to design a logo that people would remember associated with the name. Daniel always liked the graffiti art and being in 2010 felt it was important to have something looking quirky and modern.

Colour as deep as an ocean, punches as fast as a shark! #Ultimate

The red and white logo just stood out beautifully and Daniel knew this was a logo that people would not miss.

After getting samples made of the equipment to be produced, Daniel, who has already gone through various boxing gloves from his kickboxing training, knew what the level of quality he was after and could test them out himself.

As soon as the products arrived, it was so exciting to get a professional photo shoot of all the equipment and get the inventory live on the website.

The kickboxing equipment included something for everyone with lines for men, kickboxing equipment for women and fun designs for children.

Sidekick started selling almost immediately and went from strength to strength and wasn’t long before it was one of the most established brands in the U.K.

We have loved our journey so far, and we hope our successes continue well into the future!

You can read an article about the Brighton based Knight family here.

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