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Wild Soul: The Exciting New Surf Wear Brand

When people use the term sister brand, they generally are referring to a companies subsidiary company, not a real sister.

Well, that is the case for Sidekick owner Daniel Knight, who’s sister Emma is also starting her own brand in the sports world, yet this time not in combat sports, but in surfing. Emma’s new line of surfing gear is called Wild Soul and is soon to launch. 

What is Wild Soul?

Wild Soul is a new surfing apparel brand producing t-shirts, caps and women’s surf shorts, all with a real surfing beachy vibe. Their ethos is to capture that beach vibe in clothing that can be worn on the surfboard, to the beach, and just about anywhere.

Who is the founder of Wild Soul?

Wild Soul was founded by Emma Leech in 2022 and was born on 31st March 1979 in Pimlico London. Emma grew up passionate about surfing from an early age due to holidaying in Cornwall and when she moved to Brighton in 1992 and living by the coast encouraged her love of Surfing and the surf culture even more.

Working as a qualified Nurse Emma wanted to direct her passion in the more free-spirit world of surfing, incorporating her love of surfing, the ocean and creativity.

Surfing in Cornwall: Where it started

Emma would often travel to Cornwall, but mainly Newquay thanks to her Mum. Her mum once told her that she had found the place that we will fall in love with and she was right from that first visit her love affair started.

Walking around the Harbour watching the surfing to relaxing on Fistral Beach with a Rattler soaking up the atmosphere, to the madness of Boardmasters when Newquay is electric.

Even storm watching in winter was magical when the town was quiet and peaceful, a different yet lovely Newquay.

Emma became mesmerised by the local surf talent and their determination to find the perfect wave and could sit for hours just watching.

This opened her curiosity which is when she stated to watch surfing on TV, following the amazing Andy Irons and Kelly Slater and following their passionate rivalry and competitive love of surfing. Watching them from the junior circuit to dominating the world tours.

Emma also found the love of Big wave surfing, the talent and bravery the surfers showed was immense from waves in Mexico to the most famous and hypnotic big wave in North Shore Pipeline.

Watch the video below to see the trailer of the famous Boardmasters in Cornwall:

Surf Girl

Emma has always been a great loyal follower of Surf Girl Magazine, the articles are always a great read and always so positive. The surfing go-to-guide from surfing to beach lifestyle, health and travel. The photography is always so beautiful too.

It has also been wonderful to have seen such a great change for the better watching women’s surfing grow in a solid yet organic way over the years.

Between this and relaxing with her loyal pooch Pip and one of her sisters who also has a great love for surfing, Emma finds nothing better than relaxing and watching the classic films ‘Endless summer’ or ‘Women in the waves’. They are oldies but goodies and never get boring.

Emma said: “I started Wild Soul due to my love of the Ocean and my love of the Surfing culture. Having my own brand of surf wear is a dream come true and its a way I can connect with surfing even more.” 

Wild Soul Founder Emma (left) in Newquay, Cornwall.

What products do Wild Soul make?

Emma wanted Wild Soul to have clothes that use premium quality fabrics, its responsibly made, using natural, echo-friendly, and sustainable fabrics, organic and recycled materials used yet affordable, the clothing feels and looks good.

Here are the products Wild Soul produce:

  • T Shirts- are a perfect fit for both men and women
  • Hoodies- Hoodies are good quality and comfortable to wear.
  • Flip flops and funky baseball trucker caps come in a range of bright colours, 
  • Women’s surf shorts – These board shorts are great for warmth and comfort
  • Rash guards – Available in various colours which can help to regulate your body temperature to ensure a longer period can be spent in the water and can protect you from abrasions.

This is just a snippet of the Wild Soul range which Emma is really passionate about  and excited for you to see so keep your eyes peeled for the big launch of the new website at which will be coming soon…

Final Thoughts

We regularly hear of new sports brands being released, but it’s not often their in the world of surfing. Wild Soul has an exciting future ahead of them and it’s interesting to see which surfers will be flying the Wild Soul flag. And who knows, they could be at the next boardmasters in Newquay.

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