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3 Great Exercises For Explosive Power Kicks

With all the different types of Muay Thai kicks techniques, the roundhouse is by far the most effective strike. It is a devastating weapon and it can be used to almost any part of the body.

Also, in Muay Thai fights the scoring is quite different to other combat sports, the more effective strikes, inflicting more damage scores higher, even powerful kicks to the guarded arms still scores. So Muay Thai fighters condition their shins to develop the most brutal of power kicks.

Fighters spend years of many hours a day of intense Thai training, consistently kicking hard to heavy bags and Thai pads in order to develop explosive kicking power. They drill the roundhouse kicks over and over and it is also known for fighters in Thailand to kick down banana trees (Think we’re stick to the pads).

Nowadays, fighters from other disciplines use the training methods of the Thais, simply because its effectiveness and are renowned for performing the most damaging roundhouse kicks. It is not uncommon for a few ribs to get broken in a fight.

If you have ever watched the 1989 movie kickboxer, Eric Sloane, the American kickboxer unfortunately had to learn the hard way.

If you feel your kicks could be a bit more menacing, their are other ways to help develop explosive power kicks other than kicking pads. Let’s face it, you need to have the confidence in the power of your kicks, otherwise you will always doubt using it.

We have put 3 great exercises to improve your kicking power and the beauty of these kicking exercises is that they require no special equipment and can be performed anytime, at home, or even on lunch at work.

To maximise your efforts it pays to do these exercises everyday, no matter how little, as it can be surprising how much it can add up extra each week.

Below are three great leg exercises that will definitely get the pad holder feeling you’ve ramped up your power kicks:


The squat is a very popular exercise as experts claim it is one of the most effective exercises for improving athletic performance. It is an exercise that strengthens both your legs and core. To get the most out of your squats wait to your knees reach a 90-degree angle or lower before pushing back up. If you want to increases the intensity of the workout, try jumping up and down in the squats or holding weights which will get you stronger faster.


Like squats, lunges help to build lower body strength in the quads and glutes. Lunges also help to train core/abdominal muscles which are engaged for stability, improving posture and balance. As like with squats, to add more intensity do this exercise while holding dumbbells.


The burpee is that dreaded exercise when the sensei calls these out at the end of a tough class. That is because the burpee is a complete workout on its own. The burpee requires you to get down on the ground, then back up again as quickly as physically possible, which also incorporates press-ups, squats and jumping.

Burpees help to build leg and core strength, boost cardiovascular endurance and accelerate metabolism for fat loss. The great benefit of the burpees is they are also a high-intensity workout like from a HIIT class, so they are definitely a great way to get your heart racing.

Final Thoughts

Developimg the most powerful kicks is something every Muay Thai enthusiast wants to achieve. So we hope these great kicking exercises help you gain more power. However, try not to over stress as working on form and technique is more important, and the power kicks should come.

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