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Everything You Need to Know About Boxing Gloves – Types, Sizes & Benefits

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any boxer, whether they are a beginner or a professional.

With so many different types and brands of boxing gloves on the market, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best.

In this article, we will look at some of the best boxing gloves available today, as well as their various features and benefits.

What are Boxing Gloves and Their History?

Boxing gloves have been an integral part of the sport since its inception. While the exact origin of boxing gloves is unknown, it is believed that they were first used in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Throughout history, boxing gloves have gone through various changes – from being made of leather to being filled with horsehair or cotton padding for protection.

Today, modern boxing gloves are now also made from synthetic materials like vinyl and polyurethane. However, genuine leather is always considered the best for quality and durability.

The Different Types & Sizes of Boxing Gloves Explained

Boxing gloves come in a variety of styles and sizes, which are generally weighed in ounces, from heavier training and sparring gloves to lighter competition gloves.

The main difference in types of boxing gloves is whether they are a velcro or lace up design. These are determined by the way they are fastened to prevent the gloves from coming off.

A velcro boxing glove are secured by a velcro strap that goes around the wrist. This style is much more common for most types of training as the velcro straps allows to boxer to easily fasten and remove their gloves during training.

The lace up style is a much more traditional style of boxing gloves which are tied up by laces, similar to shoe laces, offering a more natural fit. However, even though these are a better fit, lace up gloves are mainly only used for competitions as they require another person to put them on for you. Competition gloves generally need to be approved by a sanctioning body.

To choose the correct size of boxing gloves it depends on the purpose of the gloves which they will be used for. 10oz are ideal for competitions and fast pad work. 12oz for an all-round training glove. 14oz and 16oz and most suitable for heavy bag work and sparring as the offer extra padding.

Children use a much smaller size of boxing gloves that weigh around 6oz. If you would like to know about children’s boxing gloves you can read our more in-depth article here.

The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Gloves for Safety & Comfort

Boxing gloves provide protection and cushioning for the hands and wrists, allowing boxers to train and fight without causing injury to themselves or their opponents.

They are made from leather, vinyl, or synthetic materials, with some models featuring additional padding for extra protection. The padding over the knuckles also makes it safer for sparring as your opponent will not get hit directly by the knuckles.

Boxing gloves worn combined with hand wraps massively reduce the risk of injury to the wrists, as If you were to hit a heavy bag with a bare-fist, you could easily sprain your wrist.

The Sidekick Ultimate boxing gloves feature a double wrist strap that maximises the protection of the wrists.

Reviews on the Best Boxing Glove Brands in the Market

Are you looking for the best boxing gloves? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive list of boxing gloves reviews for you to choose from.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxer, we have something in store for everyone.

The Ultimate line of boxing gloves have been the flagship of gloves for over a decade.

  • Ultimate Boxing Gloves: The original Ultimate boxing gloves were released over 10 years ago and have now become an iconic pair of gloves. They were endorsed by the infamous Andrew Tate during his kickboxing career. Made from a high grade of the finest cowhide leather and weigh in at a formidable 16oz, these are a one-of-a-kind. The double wrist strap offers unrivalled wrist protection.
  • Ultimate X Boxing Gloves: The Ultimate X are the successor of the Ultimate line of gloves. They were released to celebrate Sidekick’s 10 year anniversary. They are made from a superior grade of cowhide leather and feature a mesh palm for air flow. As with many boxing brands, they claim for their gloves to offer extraordinary quality, yet very few live up to any expectation. The Ultimate X boxing gloves on the other hand has been proven for exceptional quality. They have lasted over 3 years without failing in performance.

If you would like to know how long boxing gloves last read our article ‘How long should boxing gloves last’ here.

Watch a review of the Ultimate X boxing gloves below:


Boxing gloves are an essential part of equipment. They’ve also become a fashion statement too, so its good to get a pair that are great in quality and make you feel good too. Now get ready to put on your boxing gloves and start training today!

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