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How To Wind Down After Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport that is a mixture of Karate, Western Boxing, and Muay Thai. It combines agile handwork from boxing and powerful kicks from karate and is practiced for fitness and self-defence purposes, as well as played as a contact sport.

Getting into kickboxing can elevate your confidence, flexibility, and core strength. It can also be a great opportunity to make friends and have some fun.

Whether you kickbox professionally or for a bit of fun, the sport can really take it out of you physically and mentally. If you’re in a kickboxing fight, it’s safe to say you’ll be knackered once you leave the ring!

Also, as kickboxing is extremely physically demanding it is common for practitioners to get post-workout insomnia after a late training session.

Daniel Knight from Sidekick said himself:

“After training, even at 1am in the morning i would be wide awake. My body would want to rest but my brain is still wired”.

To alleviate any stress and tension in the aftermath, here are some great ways to wind down.

Go For a Walk

Many kickboxers find going for a stroll the best activity to do to cool down. Whether you go for a walk around the block, head to your local park, or simply nip to the shop, walking helps level out your blood pressure and heart rate.

What’s more, walking gets blood to circulate throughout the extremities that need to repair themselves.You may of spent lots of your time sparring or at the gym working out. Therefore, getting some fresh air in your lungs and being outdoors can really help you unwind, boost your mood, and give you chance to focus on something else.

Watch Something Inspiring

Throughout kickboxing training, you’ve put so much energy in to getting the most of your class. Watching a film can give you that much-needed dose of relaxation you’re craving. It’s wise to pick a film that’s engaging and motivating.

You could stick to a film or watch a documentary that involves characters who work hard to reach their goals. Or you could simply watch an 80’s classic like Kickboxer.

You don’t necessarily have to watch something about fighting to inspire you either, make sure you find a film that spurs you on to keep going. Alternatively, put Netflix on and binge-watch something you love. Sometimes, we just need something easy to watch to relax us and keep us sane.

Play Video Games

With so much of your time stood up and of course, kickboxing, when it’s all over and you arrive through the front door, no one will blame you if you want to sit on your computer chair and play games. In fact, there are a few positive benefits attached to doing so.

Video gaming can be a fantastic way to unwind, boost cognitive function, and be a way to connect with players from all over the world. And, by playing a great classic like Street Fighter 2, you can get to do all the moves in class without getting hit yourself.


During kickboxing training, your endorphins and adrenaline are in high gear. This means once your training is over and you return home, it can be difficult to wind down and rest your mind and body. If you’re in this predicament, factoring in time to meditate can help you calm down, slow down your thought process, and get you ready for a good night’s rest.

Meditation is known for lengthening attention span, enhancing self-awareness, and controlling anxiety. Many fighters use meditation as a way to escape the madness that matches entail. One great advantage of meditating is you can do it anywhere you like.

Whether you’re on the way to a fight or at home, taking 15 minutes to zone out can truly make a difference. To get the most out of meditating, try and do it somewhere quiet. This means if you live in a chaotic household, it’s best to let your partner and kids know what you’re doing. Once they’re aware, you won’t have any interruptions!

Make a Healthy Meal

You burn tons of calories when kickboxing. This means when you get home, you need to refuel your body. Make sure you opt for a nutritious and delicious meal packed with fibre, protein, and vital nutrients. You don’t have to be a culinary wizard to fix something healthy either.

There are lots of recipes you can follow that take a matter of minutes to whip up something tasty and nutritious.For those who don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you should consider meal prepping before you go for your kickboxing fight.

That way, when you arrive home, most of the hard work is already done for you. Some of the best-balanced meal ideas include grilled lean meat and chargrilled vegetables or stir-fried vegetables and chicken.

Have a Soak in the Bath

Soaking in the tub is at the top of the list for many kickboxers, and for good reason. A hot bath is known for improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pain, and reducing stress and anxiety. A soak in the bath can also reduce arthritis pain, improve your skin, and even boost your mood.

You may not like the idea of sitting still, especially after an intense kickboxing session. But, giving your mind and body the time it needs to relax is important. If you’ve sustained an injury during your training, in particular, you do need to allocate some rest and relaxation.

When you lay in the bath and take some deep breaths, you’ll soon notice your stress subsides.

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Final Thoughts

Kickboxing can be exhausting. After a day of training and psyching yourself mentally ready for competition, you need to give your mind and body adequate time for rest. Any of our suggestions above can help you relax, recover, and recharge after an intense kickboxing session.

Once your mind and body are rested, you will wake up feeling full of energy and ready to prepare for your next kickboxing fight.

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